Esteban Herrera: why I joined the Horses


Esteban Herrera: Research VP for HfS' buy-side enterprise sourcing practice

So while we’re busily creating more employment onshore, one of our new recruits, Mr Esteban Herrera, has already been found guilty of submitting us a headshot that makes him look about 18.  So we’re delighted to present the young gentelman looking a little more like his true age of 35 – which is still pretty young, but getting nearer that “you should be a home with your pipe and slippers” stage in life.  And here he is to explain why exactly he made the move to the orange side…

Hello everyone! I’ve been anxiously waiting the moment I could address the Horses readership from the “inside.” I’d been an advisor for the last ten years, so this move was deliberately considered—I was just getting good at what I used to do! Yet no career change has ever felt so right. Now that moment is here, I thought I would start with sharing some of the many reasons I am so excited to be where I am:

1. The outsourcing industry as a whole has grown stale and it needs innovative delivery models and deal structures to realize its potential. Nobody is truly addressing the dissatisfaction that colors so many outsourcing relationships, but HfS will.

2. HfS is a unique and timely platform from which to influence the entire industry—how much more exciting could it get (for an outsourcing geek)?

3. As a committed globalist, I am thrilled with the global nature of this community, and I believe that learning to do business (well) across geographies, regions, and cultures will be my generation’s lasting legacy. HfS gets this—I am not sure that others do.

4. I believe the “traditional” outsourcing advisory model is fundamentally broken and will not last as currently configured. HfS offers me and my (hopefully plentiful) future clients a new and improved way to add value.

5. I get to join my good friend and blogging hero Phil Fersht, and the brilliant team he has built (in no time flat, in case you did not notice), on the professional adventure of a lifetime.

I could go on, but I’ll be exploring these and other topics soon and there’s no sense in boring you, our loyal “reader”, right off the bat. The quotes around “reader” signal what makes this company different and special—we actually don’t have readers, we have a dialog of some of the best outsourcing minds from all sides of the industry. With your permission, I’m ready to throw myself into the conversation.

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  1. Esteban,

    Your point regarding the staleness of the industry is spot on. HfS has been a breath of fresh air in that is takes a balanced view of the good and the bad of outsourcing, while offering sound analysis of what clients and providers need to do in the future to create value. We get so much “puff” from other analysts and information sources that are clearly tainted by paying vendors – I hope you can help HfS continue on its mission,


  2. Best of luck, Esteban! You are correct – the model today is fundamentally flawed. Horses has a great opportunity to do something about it – I look forward to hearing more from you as you get settled in,


  3. So does that mean we’ll see more advisors turning up at HFS? Are their plans to become an advisory firm, or remain as an analyst business?

  4. Welcome to the Horses, Esteban. I completely agree with you that the platform HfS has developed over the years is becoming increasingly important in the industry – all the very best with being part of it,


  5. Welcome to HfS, Esteban. I’m looking forward to your perspectives on innovation and outsourcing relationship management…two areas that need a constant awareness push for both suppliers and customers. Best of luck.


  6. Thanks for the warm welcome, and for the suggestions on topics to cover! Please feel free to send suggestions along anytime–what makes this place special is your voice, and chances are if you see a gap, others do too. HfS will be here to address your research needs. I can’t wait to get started.


  7. Congratulations on the move! Given your tastes, I’m guessing that this means “horses” is moving into the internal combustion era . . . .

    Hope to catch up soon.

  8. @ Randy–who knew attorneys were “horses” too? Great to see one of my favorite collaborators is part of this community too. My oft-derided motoring hobby seems to be a theme. Maybe I’ll work it in to my upcoming research.

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