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Buy some innovation right here… just talk to Bob

Eradicating the Innovation Dearth in Business Process Outsourcing: Practical Advice on how to Achieve it. A discussion between Phil Fersht and Bob Cecil.

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Phil Fersht, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer of Horses for Sources, Phil oversees all research, social media and operational areas of Horses, and is heavily involved with advising clients and driving the research agenda. His specialist coverage areas include finance, HR and supply chain BPO, and he also focuses on industry issues and the convergence of BPO, SaaS and Cloud in a business utility context.

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Esteban Herrera, Chief Operating Officer

Esteban Herrera is COO at HfS Research, where his prime focus is developing and delivering compelling and rapid research, data, insight and practical advice for our buy-side enterprise clients.  He also over sees the company’s commercial operations. Esteban focuses on the issues and challenges of outsourcing buyers, ensuring they have the best insight to create […]

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Euan Davis, Managing Director, European Research Practice

Euan Davis is Research Vice President at HfS Research, where his prime focus is overseeing a leading-edge research agenda in the areas of services integration, IT services and Business Process Outsourcing. He also has a specific focus on the European region, in addition to having a global mandate.

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Jamie Snowdon, Principal Analyst, Market Sizing and Forecasting

As Principal Analyst for HfS Research, Jamie focuses on developing market size data models and forecasting, supporting ITO and BPO price benchmarking analysis, in addition to contributing to HfS written research.

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Brian Robinson, Senior Analyst, Outsourcing Strategies

As a Senior Analyst for outsourcing strategies, Brian Robinson provides support across many of HfS Research’s clients. His core focus is helping buy-side organizations develop smart global sourcing strategies, evaluate service providers and benchmark many pricing components of their sourcing options.

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Reetika Joshi, Contributing Analyst, BPO Strategies

Reetika Joshi is a Senior Research Analyst at ValueNotes Sourcing Practice. She currently tracks the outsourcing industry, with a special research focus on the fast-growing technology-enabled learning segment. She contributes regularly to HfS Research’s BPO research coverage, in areas such as analytics and vertical processes.

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Deborah Kops, Contributing Analyst, Sourcing Change Management

With experience as a corporate managing director, consulting partner and provider, Deborah has a unique perspective on the major challenge to outsourcing and shared services implementation—effectively and sustainably changing the way people work in light of the myriad implications of sourcing—new relationships, different cultures, enhanced technologies, different delivery locations, new cost structure, changed workflows, focus on the customer, increased quality, introduction of commercial structures, and other considerations

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Jason Busch, Contributing Analyst, Procurement Strategies

One guy who we just have to have working with us is the Prince of Procurement, the Pontiff of Procure-to-pay himself, Chi-town’s own Mr Jason Busch.  Jason is working closely with the Horses for Sources research team to develop a comprehensive research program covering the procurement and strategic sourcing BPO space.  Jason is Founder and Managing […]

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Edward Brooks, Contributing Analyst, Legal Process Outsourcing Strategies

Ed Brooks is contributing expert advice and analysis on the growing Legal Process Outsourcing Market (LPO) for HfS Research’s clients.

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Phil Hassey, Contributing Analyst, Asia/Pacific BPO Strategies

Phil Hassey is a respected veteran services analyst, based in Sydney Australia, who contributes regularly to HfS Research’s coverage of Asia/Pacific Business Process Outsourcing trends and dynamics.

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Ray Wang, VP and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

R “Ray” Wang’s dynamic presentation style brings life and energy to technology and business topics such as business process transformation, next generation software, SaaS/Cloud solutions, social CRM, analytics, and ERP. He is the author of the popular enterprise software blog “A Software Insider’s Point of View.”

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Are you ready… for H Day?

Plug in your headphones, crank up the volume and ask yourself… are you ready for H day? (may take a few seconds to load if you have a cheap computer) How many of these images from the history of the Horses do you remember?


The great analyst firewall: will banning analysts from blogging damage the traditional research business, or help create an entirely new one?

The technology and services industry is desperately searching for its mojo, and analysts can help provide the catalyst. Muzzling their views by keeping them from using social-media channels is a worrysome trend


The Atwood Files: Adam Smith got it right!

Over 350 years ago he observed and defined the concept of markets, specialization of labor, demand, all of it. As capitalism grew we saw these concepts first in the industrial revolution. Entrepreneurs saw that they could manufacture goods, weave cloth, and generally produce things by breaking a job down into parts and then using their capital to create machines that produced regular, repeatable pieces in large quantities with smaller and smaller amounts of labor.

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The Industry Spoke! Hear it all on a free webcast… just for you

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The Industry Speaks, Part VI: Customers increasingly look to industry-specific BPO solutions, but which vendors will ultimately invest to define and deliver them?

The move to greater domain-specificity is intrinsically tied to the business utility model of the future, where we are starting to see signs of the convergence of SaaS, Cloud and BPO/ITO models within an engagement structure


Have some outsourcing vendors already thrown in the innovation towel?

While some vendors are talking a big game regarding how they intend to broaden their outsourcing services and consulting work with clients, a lot of their current management clearly don’t have a lot of confidence to bring on the talent to help them do just that


Will the BSkyB verdict tone-down outsourcing vendor hype?

This sets a dangerous precedent for the outsourcing business, when you consider the sheer volume of complex outsourcing deals that are currently (and soon to be) in play.


Spreading the love for Valentine’s Day…

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