Edward Brooks, Contributing Analyst, Legal Process Outsourcing Strategies


Edward Brooks, Expert Contributor, Legal Process Outsourcing

Edward Brooks

Ed Brooks is a native Scotsman living in Manhattan, where he now spends a good amount of his time contributing expert advice and analysis on the growing Legal Process Outsourcing Market (LPO) for HfS Research’s clients.

Edward Brooks runs The LPO Program, a new-wave consulting business that delivers its clients all the Tools, Knowledge, Data and Support necessary to carry out complex Legal Process Outsourcing projects. The Program enables Law Firms and In-House Legal Counsel to quickly determine the appropriate LPO Strategy for their specific circumstances. As well as giving clients the equivalent of an MBA in Legal Process Outsourcing, The Program significantly cuts project timetables and risks, and delivers a clearly articulated LPO strategy.

Since joining Accenture in 2000, Edward has had 11 years in the outsourcing and offshoring sector leading over $5 billion worth of deals, in areas as diverse as Finance and Accounting, HR, Clinical Research, Customer Services, and Legal Process Outsourcing. This experience has covered the full project life cycle from designing and selling delivery models, through to implementation and operation. At one client he had personal responsibility for paying the UK’s armed forces, totalling £10 billion each year.

For the last 4 years Edward worked as an advisor to major corporations taking them through the complex process of determining the appropriate delivery strategy (whether in-house, onshore, offshore, or outsourced) and then ensuring the successful implementation of that strategy.

As a Chartered Accountant with experience of running businesses and establishing new ventures, Edward brings a strong commercial perspective to any organization. By keeping executives and project teams focused on the strategic objectives and the short-term issues he has been able to thrive is some of the most challenging environments.

Living between New York and the UK Edward is thankful for BBC Radio 4’s Now Show and News Quiz for keeping him informed and entertained about the world, and for the Wall Street Journal for constantly challenging the status quo and reminding us all of how interconnected this small planet is.

Edward can be reached at eb at thelpoprogram dot com.

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