The Infamous Sourcing Savants are back!


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Oh no! We’re back on your laptop screen this 26th March at 11.00am ET.

Yes, that sad little attempt by HfS to assemble a cacophony of industry advisor gurus onto one webinar platform just refuses to go away…

And we can see that you just can’t stay away from the entertainment either, so let’s just launch into our latest attempt to create a little bit o’ clarity to your confusing worklife.

Please join our latest suite of sourcing savants of sourcing soliloquy later this month as we violently argue (or agree) on the the following burning topics:

  • What are the burning platforms driving enterprises to make real changes to their IT and Operations infrastructures?
  • First we get hit with “Digital”, then “Robotics”, then “Artificial Intelligence”.  Is the dear lord of sourcing smoking something, or is there some real substance into what is happening in our industry?
  • Does this mean that our traditional outsourcing industry is dying?  Are enterprise clients really evolving this quickly to these As-a-Service models?
  • Is our talent keeping up with this As-a-Service revolution – across buyers, advisors and service providers?  And what can we do to retrain ourselves and our staff to get with the program?
  • So what does our future really look like is this new world into which we’re venturing, when we show up to work in our iCar and are served coffee by a robot?
Yes, we will really answer all those questions for you once and for all, or at least our esteemed panelists claim they will:

Click here to Register Your Spot on 26 March at 11.00am ET, 4.00pm BST 

We hope you can join us on March 26th!  And it’s free so what’s there to complain about..

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