Deborah Kops, delightful doyenne and describer, joins the HfS research family

Deborah Kops, HfS Contributing Analyst

Deborah Kops joins HfS Research as Contributing Analyst

There really is only one Deborah Kops.  Because if there were two, we’d be in serious trouble.  Not too many people can truly say they’ve “been there, seen it, done it” in our lovely sourcing business, but Debs (as only a few of us are allowed to call her) really does have the scars to really prove it.

She was instrumental in PwC’s global business process outsourcing (GBPO) practice in the ’90s before embarking of a tour of sourcing duty that culminated in a three-year experience with WNS, where she was instumental in helping elevate the Indian-headquartered BPO provider to become a serious candidate for major top-tier engagements. Check out her bio for the full rundown of her rumbustious career.

Name me many other woman who have successfully held a market-facing leadership role for such a length of time in the male-dominated world of an offshore outsourcing provider. Apologies if I just flouted all the rules of today’s political-correctness with what I just said – but it’s true.

Many of you know Deborah as a versatile straight shootin’ gal who’s seen the BPO industry’s growing pains through the lens of buyer, provider and consultant. Well, she’s now focusing her prodigious energies…and her pen…on sourcing change management through, which is the first resource devoted to the issues and challenges of getting stakeholders to adopt, embrace and expand outsourcing relationships.

At HfS Research, our clients are in desperate need of advice and knowledge from peer experiences when they undergo the difficult operational change that accompanies a global sourcing endeavor.  Sourcing Change, under Deborah’s leadership, delivers experienced, meaningful advice fill the knowledge gap in the market. Having worked with Deborah for many years, there is no one more qualified to deliver this insight. We look forward to expanding industry understanding through our collaboration with her.

Deborah’s diverse background gives her a unique take on the industry, and her inaugural contribution to HfS Research (click here for freemium access) focuses on a significant tradeoff the industry makes for cost arbitrage—a rapid generational shift to younger workers that we grumble about but don’t really acknowledge. “Imperfect Arbitrage,” starts the debate about the tradeoff we make when we source offshore.

Over the next year, you’ll be able to sample innovative thinking in sourcing change through Deborah’s frequent columns and commentary exclusively for HfS Research.  Look for surveys and analyses which, for the first time, portray the actual state of outsourcing change management, and a schedule of webinars and workshops that will help buyers and providers alike enjoy more success.  You can reach Deborah at deborah dot kops at sourcingchange dot com.

Click here to download Deborah’s new HfS RAPIDInsight “Imperfect Arbitrage: The implications of generational shift resulting from the globalization of work”

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  1. Congratulations, Deborah – I eagerly look forward to more excellent research – “Imperfect Arbitrage” was a most enjoyable read,


  2. Deborah and Phil, congratulations to both of you! Very exciting stuff… but Phil, I’m concerned about your use of alliteration. 🙂

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