Category: Supply Chain

  • Supply chain customers embrace agility and resilience — HFS Horizons, Supply Chain Services 2023

    The HFS Horizons report on supply chain services features 18 providers across three Horizons manifesting incremental business value for enterprise clients. Horizon 1 focuses on a linear supply chain driving functional optimization, followed by Horizon 2, which retains the values of Horizon 1 plus drives circular supply chains with end-to-end transformation capabilities, creating unmatched stakeholder experience with a “OneOffice” mindset. At the pinnacle is Horizon 3, which encapsulates all values of previous Horizons plus encompasses a networked and autonomous vision of the supply chain, driving completely new sources of value with a “OneEcosystem” approach.Read More

  • Sustainability in 2023: Business continues to outpace politics. But not by enough

    January 02, 2023 |

    We’re still clueless about sustainability. Key people, in key organizations, in key rooms, still need help with contextualizing their roles and where to best spend their time and energy. Here we run over some musing across the global context, sustainability services, the energy and utilities industries, and the supply chain. If you make it to the bottom, you’ll find the last sources of optimism in the hand of both services firms and the increasingly powerful coalitions of the willing hoping to overcome the failures of politics and apologize later.Read More

  • HFS makes a dash for the Ash… Ashish Chaturvedi joins the analyst dream team

    October 18, 2022 |

    Ashish Chaturvedi is taking on a global Practice Leader role for HFS Research, based out of Bangalore, where he previously worked as a Principal Analyst and Program Lead for sourcing advisor ISGRead More

  • Welcome to new normalization… not necessarily ropy recession

    July 12, 2022 |

    We might be finally on a weird and rocky road to a much more normal future, compared to our highly-abnormal recent past.We may be experiencing unprecedented economic and societal challenges, but we should take solace in the fact that things are at their inflationary peak, and we are still moving forward as an economy. The fundamentals underneath it all are strong...Read More