The Six Principles of The Autonomous Enterprise

It’s 2023, and there are no excuses left for enterprise leaders to figure out how to run their organizations as autonomously as possible.

Definition:  What is an “Autonomous Enterprise”?

An autonomous enterprise is one whose leadership continuously seeks to refine the data it needs in real-time to be successful.  Its governance capability ensures it has the talent, tech infrastructure, automation, and AI to deliver the data that will drive success with minimal manual interventions that impede progress and speed. The ultimate goal of an autonomous enterprise allows us humans to remove ourselves from some parts of the system so that we can make continuous improvements to the ecosystem as a whole.

Ultimately this is about machines making decisions where we previously had humans and removing humans from loops that don’t need humans anymore. Leadership must understand the data they need to be successful and assemble and govern the right system to deliver success.

The Six Principles of The Autonomous Enterprise

So we have put together Six Principles that leaders need to adopt to ensure they can keep refining the autonomous abilities if their enterprise within its business ecosystem and adjacent ecosystems:

  1. Your leadership must understand the data needed for your enterprise to be successful.
  2. Your teams must know your processes and interactions in digital detail and have a continuously updated audit trail of these digital interactions and processes.
  3. You must have the right infrastructure to breakdown the silos of data across your enterprise and its ecosystem.
  4. You must ensure a robust and scalable automation capability that is trusted both internally and externally.
  5. Artificial Intelligence (ML, deep learning, and decision engines) must continuously find patterns in your data to keep you ahead of your market.
  6. You must establish a robust governance system embedded across all decision touchpoints to ensure the effectiveness of your autonomous enterprise.

Stay tuned for Part II where we delve into the sixth principle of how to assemble and govern the right blend of talent, tech, automation, and AI to deliver looping success…

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