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Is BPO on the brink of a technology revolution?

Crossing the Chasm

Why BPO clients which have tech-enabled their processes are achieving better performance and outcomes


Automation killed the gamification star


Even back in ’79 the world was already beginning to zone in on the power of automation


BPO will continue to fail miserably… without a mindset to embrace change, develop talent and tech-enable processes

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Our new “Technology in BPO” study reveals that this industry is on the brink of a significant, radical overhaul to its very core value proposition


Automation: it’s about solving business problems, stupid!

Charles Sutherland (pictured left) is Executive Vice President, Research at HfS

We asked HfS’ Charles Sutherland to share his views on what is really happening with process automation and why is shouldn’t be confused with technology automation theories of yesteryear


2014 shared services and outsourcing outlook Part II: Why GBS will not be bullsh*t

Ready for your next provider meeting?

While several folks make valid arguments why GBS may be a pipe-dream for their own organization (or some of their clients’ organizations), we believe they are missing the big picture


2014 shared services and outsourcing outlook Part I: It’s time for enterprises to stop being really good at irrelevant stuff

Are you feeling relephant?

In 2014, ambitious operations leaders must begin achieve a certain degree of maturity across their operations before they can really address achieving their desired outcomes


Invest in the humans first, systems second

Training Day

people lead people and they are asking for the support, training, and enablement to meet and collaborate to both better manage day-to-day work and develop into the next generation of leaders


Senior managers are almost as disengaged as their subordinates

Christa Degnan Manning is SVP, Workforce and Talent Strategies at HfS (Click for bio)

While we did find higher levels of engagement the higher up the proverbial ladder one goes in an organization, the key take away for us was the difference wasn’t that much.


Can HR ever overcome its obsession with the automation of obsolete processes?

Christa Degnan Manning is SVP, Workforce and Talent Strategies at HfS (Click for bio)

Why do so many HR executives obsess with administering irrelevant processes when they should be helping their firms’ managers get the best out of their staff?


Traditional outsourcing advisory is dead.

Who's feeling disruptive today?

And when the world’s number 1 management thinker, Clayton Christensen, writes about Consulting on the Cusp of Disruption, you know it’s officially game-over for the way consultants have traditionally delivered effort-based high-cost projects for wizening clients


Forget business outcomes and innovation for now… most enterprises just want to get beyond adequate first


Our seminal State of Outsourcing Study, conducted with the support of KPMG, has revealed that today’s wizening outsourcing buyer is looking at industry experience and the provision of talent that can do more than just the basics, when it comes to choosing between their providers


Are you really working for an energized enterprise?


HfS is asking YOU – the individual worker – what it will take to empower and energize YOU in your business. Your candid, unbiased insights are extremely important to this unique research study, whether you work in sales, marketing, finance, IT… or any other business function

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Welcome to the Six Tenets of Sourcing 2.0 – where a “lights on” approach might just get you fired


Big and clunky is ugly, lean and scalable is the new corporate sexy.


Why American firms are more progressive with outsourcing than the Europeans and Asians

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Why is it always the Americans at the head of the queue when it comes to increasing quarterly profit margins? But, even more intriguingly, why are they also leading the way when it comes to attempting to improve their capabilities when they outsource? Our recent State of Outsourcing Study 2013, conducted with the support of KPMG, clearly shows the differing mission-critical business motivations across the main three global regions, when it comes to outsourcing


Cheap and cheerful: Is this really as good as it gets for IT Outsourcing?

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ITO maybe a commodity business, but a new wave of collaborative BPO services is beginning to show the way


Why the mid-market is the mother-in-law of outsourcing

I want the best SaaS platform, some great BPO and a bunch of data scientists...

When it comes to outsourcing, dealing with the middle-market has been somewhat akin to dealing with the mother-in-law: can be awkward to deal with, very hard to please, and always has complex demands on your patience and resources.


Why middle management is often as influential as the C-Suite when it comes to outsourcing


The official definition of insanity in sourcing: recounting how many times a service provider has said to you, “We’ve got to get to the C-suite to pitch innovative ideas because middle management is too risk adverse.”

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State of Outsourcing 2013: It’s time to add YOUR opinion!


Whether you buy, sell, advise or analyze outsourcing services, YOUR opinion is critical for our seminal annual study as we crowdsource the industry’s direction.


The great outsourcing talent-chasm: 57% of service provider staff don’t understand their clients’ businesses


In terms of business understanding, initiative, innovation and culture, non-US staff are miles behind local staff. For example, only 43% of outsourcing customer feel their non-US staff understands their business, when compared to 88% of local staff. Yes, this gap will surely close as the industry matures, but I find this talent-chasm unacceptable in today’s global marketplace.


So you think YOU have sourcing talent?

stern talent

We are inviting you to participate in a brief survey to explore today’s talent management challenges facing both your executives and staff – and you could win an iPhone 5 into the bargain, in addition to a complimentary copy of the study findings.

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