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Are YOU ready for dreamSource?


Today, we’re proud to announce the unveiling of what promises to be the ultimate sourcing showdown of leading enterprise buyers and providers… in Westchester County, New York, next Spring

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HfS spooks the legacy analysts by scooping the “Most Innovative Analyst Firm” award for 2012


When better than Halloween, than for HfS Research to – yet again – spook the analyst industry by winning the new “Innovative Analyst Firm of the Year Award for 2012″ by the International Institute of Analyst Relations, ahead of the likes of Gartner, Forrester and IDC.


Some summer sourcing soundbites for your sensory satisfaction

Thanks for your support during another scintillating year at HfS. It’s all possible because of YOU. Now turn up the volume :)


Remember when you were excited to start your workday…


Life is too short to work at a boring company…

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Pragmatic Pete to pontificate a panoply of personnel policy

Peter Ackerson- HfS

Here’s Pete Ackerson introducing himself as the newest HfS Research Fellow for HR Shared Services and Outsourcing

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What if everybody looked the same? Happy 2012 everyone


Some “horses” memories as a big chubby thank you for all of your support this year


The defining outsourcing moments of 2011


Well, another year goes by and HfS yet again escapes any legal action, terrorist attacks at our office, or disappearing bodies for being thoroughly unafraid to call the industry on its issues. So let’s reflect some of the defining moments of 2011


Announcing the HfS 50 Sourcing Blueprint Sessions


This is going to be a defining two-day working session for power-brokers of the outsourcing industry, where leading buyers of both ITO and BPO services will confront today’s critical issues impacting outsourcing, to establish a Blueprint for the industry in 2015. And this time, we will have a vendor/buyer face-off session where leaders from six of the major service providers will join the debate.


Congratulations to Tony “Governator” Filippone, HfS’ new Head of Research

Tony Filippone

Our core mantra at HfS has always been to tackle the issues and complexities of global sourcing through the eyes of the buyer. One analyst who has spent nine years of his life doing just that, leading BPO governance for the $62 Billion healthcare payor, WellPoint, is our Governator himself, Tony Filippone. No single person in 2011 has written to – or talked with – more buyers about their governance challenges, and we are delighted to reveal to the world today his elevation to Executive Vice President of HfS’ research team.


HfS secures the services of Jim Slaby

We’re delighted to unveil a very special talent to the sourcing industry – a respected veteran of the infrastructure security world and now seeking to ply his knowledge and experience to supporting global sourcing environments: Jim Slaby.


Reetika Joshi cranks up our BPO coverage

We’re delighted to announce that Reetika Joshi has joined our full-time team to crank up our already cranky BPO and analytics coverage


HfS ties up with Gutenberg to bring sourcing insight to a mainstream business audience

Today marks an exciting day in the development of HfS Research as a global advisory analyst organization – we have selected sourcing and software PR and communications specialist Gutenberg to orchestrate our global research communications to the Americas, European and Indian markets.


A little summery “thank you” to all of you

Tune in, crank up the volume, or pop in your headphones in if you’re in the office. A few summer memories from the HfS team, as we go sit on a beach for a couple of weeks… we really do appreciate all your support. You’ve been part of one heck of a journey (so far)…

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HfS gets its Ivory Tower!

Tom’s joined HfS’ leadership lead as our Vice President for Client Services to prove that we do actually care about our clients.


The Future of Work – Who will lead?

Companies need leaders to start thinking about the future of work as part of their business planning processes. HR leaders are well positioned to understand the capability and talent of the organization. They also have access to more enabling technology they ever before to help engage the entire workforce in creating the future of work at their companies.


HfS to “lift the lid” on the sourcing industry… with Outsource Magazine

HfS and Outsource Magazine have formed a lid-lifting media partnership… here are the details


HfS Podcast: Dawn Evans and Phil Fersht discuss the new HfS/SIG partnership

HfS Research VP of Marketing Mark Reed-Edwards got together with HfS Founder and CEO Phil Fersht and Dawn Evans, President and CEO of Sourcing Interests Group, to discuss the new groundbreaking industry research and networking partnership announced on March 8.


Welcome to Networking 2.0 – HfS and SIG are moving the needle for the sourcing industry

The biggest issue in today’s sourcing industry is the need for a truly independent and high-value environment for sourcing and outsourcing practitioners to collaborate and share knowledge. HfS is delighted to announce an exclusive industry partnership with the premier membership organization that has served sourcing and outsourcing professionals from Global 1000 companies throughout a 20-year history: the Sourcing Interests Group.


Happy Birthday… HfS Research!

Exactly one year ago, we bravely declared we were a research company, with a bunch of friends, stringers and part-timers. Today, we are a fully-loaded experienced research organization with depth and breadth of analyst talent across North America and Europe – with further expansion plans imminent.


Announcing – our new company website!

We’ve created an entirely new website for our research content,