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There's a whole generation with a new explanation... in San Francisco

February 25, 2016 | Phil Fersht

Get ready! We're Coming to San Francisco!

sf-email-headerYou may have heard we just announced our first-ever Working Summit for Buyers in San Francisco at the St. Regis Hotel May 26th - 27th. The summit's theme—Vision 2020 for Intelligent Operations—brings together the IT and business process services industry's brightest minds and stakeholders. Seats are limited and available at no cost to well-qualified senior buyers. So, if you are interested, pencil us in your calendar and apply for a seat now.

Unvarnished Discussion Sessions

  • The State of the As-a-Service Economy and Intelligent Operations: Is It Here?
  • Evolution or Revolution: What does the Future really Look Like?
  • The Current State of Intelligent Automation – what’s working and what’s not for buyers
  • Service Automation: Robots and the Future of Work
  • The Digitization of the Finance Function
  • Co-inventing for the As-a-Service Economy
  • Hiring for As-a-Service Skills and the Role HR must play in the As-a-Service Economy
  • The evolution of Omni-Channel for CRM: What is it really, and does is exist?
  • Analytics and Big Data in the As-a-Service Economy… what’s really coming next?
  • Getting ahead of Trust and Security in the As-a-Service Economy
  • The C-Suite Advisor – Buyer Face/Off
  • The C-Suite Service Provider Shootout


Featured Discussion Leaders

  • Mary Lacity, Curators’ Professor, University of Missouri
  • Lee Coulter, CEO Shared Services, Ascension Health
  • Allison Sagraves, Chief Data Officer, M&T Bank
  • Phil Fersht, CEO HfS Research
  • Carol Britton, CPO, Bank of New York Mellon
  • Charlie Aird, Global Leader, PwC Shared Services and Outsourcing advisory
  • Chip Wagner, CEO Alsbridge
  • Dave Brown, Global Lead, Shared Service & Outsourcing Advisory at KPMG
  • Dennis Howlett, Co-Founder, Diginomica
  • Dilip Vellodi, Chairman and CEO, Sutherland Global Services
  • Jay Desai, Senior Director, Enterprise Outsourcing, AbbVie
  • Gajen Kandiah, Executive Vice President and General Manager Cognizant Digital Works and Business Process Services
  • Harry Wallaesa, CEO, The W Group
  • Jesus Mantas, Head of Global Business Services, IBM
  • Joe Frampus, Partner, Avasant
  • Kevin McDonald, VP of BPO Governance, The E.W. Scripps Company
  • Leslie Willcocks, Professor, Workforce and Globalization, London School of Economics
  • Mark Voytek, Partner, Ernst and Young
  • Michael Corcoran, Head of Strategy, Accenture Operations
  • Pradip Khemani, Head of Global Business Services, Blue Shield of California
  • Scott Furlong, Partner, ISG
  • Shantanu Ghosh, SVP & Global Head – CFO & Transformation Services, Genpact
  • Srinidhi Rao, Head – Service Management and Process Excellence, Juniper Networks
  • Tony Filippone, Senior Vice President, Outsourcing Management, AXIS Capital
  • Robin Rasmussen, Partner, HR SSOA KPMG
  • Vishal Sikka, CEO Infosys
  • Wesley Bryan, Co-Founder, OneSource Virtual

Apply-Now-Button-EmailHfS Analysts

As usual, we'll have a full contingent of HfS analysts on site to present the latest data and stimulate discussions. In San Francisco, we'll have Phil Fersht, Charles Sutherland, Barbra McGann, Fred McClimans, Melissa O’Brien and Reetika Joshi.


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Derk Erbé energizes our energy coverage at HfS

February 02, 2016 | Phil Fersht
Derk Erbé is Research Managing Director covering Digital Business Transformation and Energy, Utilities and Resource Industries for HfS (click for bio)

Derk Erbé is Research Managing Director covering Digital Business Transformation and Energy, Utilities and Resource Industries for HfS (click for bio)

You may have noticed we've been doing a little expansion at HfS recently... And a big part of this was building out our European presence and adding more industries to our research coverage.

One industry we've always been passionate about is energy, and how that sector is dealing with huge regulatory impact post the Paris Climate Agreement - where both energy providers need to rip up their operating models to survive, and enterprise energy consumers can take advantage of new sources of renewable energy to gain a competitive edge.

So who better than to hire an Amsterdam-based energy expert with a penchant for technology and research? So without further ado, let's introduce you to our new Managing Director for Research, Derk Erbé...

Welcome, Derk! Can you share a little about your background and why you have chosen research as your career path?  

Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm very excited about joining HfS. I feel research, and the role of the industry analyst brings everything I experienced in my career and found to be critical together. I have been in the trenches of technology implementations, business transformations and operating

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Thriving in a market that refuses to change? Then join us next month for the Analyst Relations Forum

October 02, 2015 | Phil Fersht


So what are you doing on Guy Fawkes' night?  Well, rather than blowing up Parliament, why don't we start with the legacy analyst business?

With the swirl of social media, free information and business model disruption in the technology world, everyone assumed the traditional analyst world would follow suit. We thought there would be a plethora of new generation analyst boutiques cropping up to challenge the old model. Some tried, and most have failed. A few linger on in their death throes, but the revolution we thought would happen - let's face it - never really did. Except in one corner—right here at HfS.

I'll be presenting on Research-as-a-Service and how HfS is changing the face of the analyst industry

As we look around the industry, we see the same old legacy analyst houses producing their useless charts and dull, turgid research just as they did a decade ago. Few subscribers actually read the stuff, but technology vendors still fund these firms because they have few other outlets to justify their existence.

Here at HfS, we’ve been fortunately enough not to be beset by legacy contracts and the dirty vendor dollar to give to industry a very different analyst model - one where we are unafraid to make our research widely accessible to the world with our freemium model and call out the real trends that are happening to our industry (as opposed to regurgitating the same old marketing fluff that turns off the smart buyers).  In short, we've thrived because of our huge global community, our continuous demand data from our readers and a team of  great people and analysts who love the freedom of Research-as-a-Service.

This is where the real fireworks will be on the 5th November...

I’m pleased that I’ll be in London on November 5th to share our story as I keynote the Analyst Relations Forum. My keynote, Thriving in a Market that Refuses to Change: Research-as-a-Service, will look at how HfS has fought to transform a conservative industry that has been slow to change.

I’ll also be having a fireside chat with Wipro's dynamic new CMO, Naveen Rajdev, and we'll also hear from Accenture's popular Managing Director for Global Analyst Relations, Allen Valahu, about what it’s been like to work with a multitude of analysts over the last two decades and what they would like to see in the future (see full agenda for the menu of analytical delights).

We are providing 10 free tickets for those who hurry to register! Sorry---all gone!

We have made special arrangements for ten free tickets to the event (with promotional code JoinPhilFersht) - first come, first served!  Sorry---all gone! But we also have arranged for a $124 discount (with promotional code ARForumKeynoteHfS) for those who did not manage to register in time.

Please register here with the promo code.

Hope to see you there,


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Are YOU ready for dreamSource?

November 15, 2012 | Phil Fersht

Folks - today we're proud to announce the unveiling of what promises to be the ultimate sourcing showdown of leading enterprise buyers and providers... in Westchester County, New York, next Spring:

Following the unprecedented success of the 2012 Blueprint Sessions, 60 senior enterprise buy-side executives are being invited to represent their organizations at dreamSource, where HfS and the Sourcing Executive Council will facilitate private "buyers-only" sessions over three days of discussions, debate and networking. In addition, we will include selected executive leadership from top tier service provider organizations who are brave enough to grapple the following topics head on:

  • Designing and implementing the future operating framework for the global enterprise;
  • Aligning the workforce for global business services by developing our talent to go beyond tactical performance;
  • Changing the corporate mindset from cost-savings myopia to value-creation and growth;
  • Accomplishing innovation by improving enterprise and provider collaboration to achieve realistic business outcomes;
  • Leveraging analytics and technology as an enabler for smarter governance.

Here is some feedback from a few of the great contributors from the recent Boston HfS Sourcing Executive Council meeting:

"The HfS Sourcing Executive Council experience has provided a tremendous opportunity to be a part of changing the dynamics of this industry and I have no doubt that HfS' efforts will go a long way to enhancing the value of global outsourcing. I look forward to our next session in New York".  Steven Jo, Head of Multisourcing, Silicon Valley Bank

"I have truly enjoyed the HfS Sourcing Executive Council sessions, and echo everyone else's comment that being with the group of like-minded peers HfS has assembled is truly special. I am eagerly anticipating the next summit in the Spring. William J. Pappas, Vice President, Strategic Services & Initiatives, State Street Bank

"The HfS Sourcing Executive Council is one of a kind. Like-minded outsourcing buyers get together to discuss the key issues facing the industry, meet each other and share experiences and wisdom. This is the only place where 300+ years of deep outsourcing experience have the opportunity to meet - and that is in a very young industry. Also, it is fun to attend ;-)" Madelein Smit, VP Outsourcing, Finance and IT, CEVA Logistics

Thanks to all of you who have so passionately supported the HfS Sourcing Executive Council - we hope to see many of you back in the Spring!

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HfS spooks the legacy analysts by scooping the "Most Innovative Analyst Firm" award for 2012

October 31, 2012 | Phil Fersht

When better than Halloween, than for HfS Research to - yet again -  spook the analyst industry by winning the new "Innovative Analyst Firm of the Year Award for 2012" by the International Institute of Analyst Relations, ahead of the likes of Gartner, Forrester and IDC.

And not only that, we finished third among independent analyst firms as Analyst Firm of the Year.  I managed to get our hands on the top 10 list so share with you all - and a big shout out to my good friend Zeus Kerravala, whose firm ZK Research, a specialist in communications technologies, topped the 2012 charts.  HfS managed to beat out all the other sourcing and services research firms - most of whom were hawking their wares a decade before HfS even existed:

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Some summer sourcing soundbites for your sensory satisfaction

August 19, 2012 | Phil Fersht

Thanks for your support during another scintillating year at HfS.  It's all possible because of YOU.  Now turn up the volume :)

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Remember when you were excited to start your workday...

August 13, 2012 | Phil Fersht

You could be one email away from salvation...

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Pragmatic Pete to pontificate a panoply of personnel policy

June 15, 2012 | Phil Fersht

HfS Research Fellow, Pete Ackerson takes a break from gardening to pose for HfS

There's been one dependable, consistent voice in the world of HR operations, quietly plying his trade leading the HR shared service center for a 325,000 employee retailer (Sears), as one of the first employees of the first end-to-end HR outsourcer (Exult), and, more recently, as one of the most respected and in-demand HR specialists for one of the big consulting shops (Deloitte).  And he's managed to do it always with an uncanny ability to speak his mind and never get in any trouble...  so surely a poor fit with HfS then.

And when we got the news that "Pragmatic" Pete Ackerson was "retiring" we just couldn't turn down the chance to have him spend a few hours each week sharing his lifetime of HR experiences with us - in-between tending to his rhododendrons and his vegetable patch (or whatever it is that retired people do).  So... without further ado, here's Pete Ackerson introducing himself as the newest HfS Research Fellow...

Reminders about the dark ages

Phil Fersht has asked me to join his band of analysts, pranksters, and pundits…with an emphasis on the Human Resources field. I thought I’d start off with a reminder of how far we have come and how far we have not moved ahead. As a resident gray hair…and happy to have it…I’ve been through

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What if everybody looked the same? Happy 2012 everyone

December 30, 2011 | Phil Fersht

Here are some "horses" memories as a big chubby thank you for all of your support this year... Oh - and turn up the volume :)

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The defining outsourcing moments of 2011

December 24, 2011 | Phil Fersht

Well, another year goes by and HfS yet again escapes any legal action, terrorist attacks at our office, or disappearing bodies, for being thoroughly unafraid to call the industry on its issues. So let's reflect some of the defining outsourcing moments of 2011...


Ditch Procurement!

Deb Kops began the year in feisty fashion by declaring war on the procurement function... Is traditional procurement deeply involved in M&A activity? Corporate strategy? Business transformation? Not a chance. While our friends in the CPO’s office have an important role to play in procurement process and governance, they cannot be the major arbiter of taste when it comes to sourcing true corporate change.

RIP Joe Vales

The nicest guy in sourcing - and one of the best marketing guys you'd ever met - Joe Vales, sadly passed away... An avid fan of HfS, he will be sorely missed by us, and am sure many of you will be equally saddened by his passing.  He was a sweet and lovely guy, who loved his work.

Impatient Premji plays catch-up

You won’t see a CEO being removed after achieving a double-digit growth rate too often, but that’s just what happened, when Wipro’s co-chiefs Suresh Vaswani and Girish Paranjpe were replaced by TK Kurien...  So will Premji’s impatience to produce numbers as stellar as his competitors be rewarded, or has he already missed this phase of hyper-growth in offshore services?


EquaTerra + KPMG – a new era, or a new error for outsourcing advisory?

KPMG became the only "Big 5" management consultant to buy a boutique sourcing advisor... The outsourcing advisory business is all about talented people, experience and relationships. It would have been extremely messy if KPMG had tried to hire away these folks one-by-one. They have retained the top talent and have created careers for them within their organization. Quite simply, there is a really bad (and worsening) talent shortage in our industry, and KPMG has just snapped up a good portion of it in one full swoop.


So what on earth does the future hold for sourcing advisors?

Esteban Herrera doesn't hold back when he declares, "Twenty-five years at EDS may have made you an expert at outsourcing IT, but it did not teach you how to run a recalcitrant back office environment that is just plain hard to optimize."

HfS takes a deep look into Latin America's sourcing capabilities

Clients attest to lower attrition levels and fewer site visits, and when they were required, these site visits as part of the governance were much easier to do—these and other soft factors impact the total cost of ownership.  Download your copy of the report here.

How 10-year-olds explain Cloud Computing

The most concise way anyone has succeeded in describing it.  One has aspirations to make a video game that features a villain with a head made of cheese puffs. 


Are you ready for… The HfS Private Cloud Challenge?  Answer = No

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