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So what are you doing on Guy Fawkes’ night?  Well, rather than blowing up Parliament, why don’t we start with the legacy analyst business?

With the swirl of social media, free information and business model disruption in the technology world, everyone assumed the traditional analyst world would follow suit. We thought there would be a plethora of new generation analyst boutiques cropping up to challenge the old model. Some tried, and most have failed. A few linger on in their death throes, but the revolution we thought would happen – let’s face it – never really did. Except in one corner—right here at HfS.

I’ll be presenting on Research-as-a-Service and how HfS is changing the face of the analyst industry

As we look around the industry, we see the same old legacy analyst houses producing their useless charts and dull, turgid research just as they did a decade ago. Few subscribers actually read the stuff, but technology vendors still fund these firms because they have few other outlets to justify their existence.

Here at HfS, we’ve been fortunately enough not to be beset by legacy contracts and the dirty vendor dollar to give to industry a very different analyst model – one where we are unafraid to make our research widely accessible to the world with our freemium model and call out the real trends that are happening to our industry (as opposed to regurgitating the same old marketing fluff that turns off the smart buyers).  In short, we’ve thrived because of our huge global community, our continuous demand data from our readers and a team of  great people and analysts who love the freedom of Research-as-a-Service.

This is where the real fireworks will be on the 5th November…

I’m pleased that I’ll be in London on November 5th to share our story as I keynote the Analyst Relations Forum. My keynote, Thriving in a Market that Refuses to Change: Research-as-a-Service, will look at how HfS has fought to transform a conservative industry that has been slow to change.

I’ll also be having a fireside chat with Wipro’s dynamic new CMO, Naveen Rajdev, and we’ll also hear from Accenture’s popular Managing Director for Global Analyst Relations, Allen Valahu, about what it’s been like to work with a multitude of analysts over the last two decades and what they would like to see in the future (see full agenda for the menu of analytical delights).

We are providing 10 free tickets for those who hurry to register! Sorry—all gone!

We have made special arrangements for ten free tickets to the event (with promotional code JoinPhilFersht) – first come, first served!  Sorry—all gone! But we also have arranged for a $124 discount (with promotional code ARForumKeynoteHfS) for those who did not manage to register in time.

Please register here with the promo code.

Hope to see you there,


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