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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Sourcing no-no’s for 2013: what’s gotta go

What's going cheesy in 2013 then?

Here’s some sourcing cheese we don’t want more of 2013


Ho Ho BPO! Happy HanuChristWali everyone


Ho Ho BPO! HanuChristWali everyone

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Why HfS cancelled its 2013 predictions

We predict... there'll be a lot of rubbish predictions

For all of you waiting on tenterhooks for our 2013 predictions, I am afraid we have some bad news: today, we took the unprecedented step of canceling them. But why?


Tiger Tales Part IV… The sourcing industry’s virtuous cycle


And just when you’d forgotten we hadn’t published the final installment of our interview with Genpact’s CEO NV “Tiger” Tyagarajan…

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Why have we become such crappy managers?

Just outsource them all...

The recent post entitled “Can we ever get back to the thinking workforce” focused on the poor work habits that have infiltrated many of today’s workers to create a dearth of analytical thinkers for our organizations.


State of Outsourcing 2013: It’s time to add YOUR opinion!


Whether you buy, sell, advise or analyze outsourcing services, YOUR opinion is critical for our seminal annual study as we crowdsource the industry’s direction.


A new Indian marketing model – pounding anyone with a pulse with PowerPoint

"Did someone say innovation?"

Just when you thought it may be safe to give up a couple of days of your life to get to know a service provider better, one of the Indian majors has added a whole new dimension to the sales cheese game.


Can we ever get back to the “thinking” workforce?


Many of today’s businesses are over-bloated with operational staff whose modus operandi is about maintaining the status quo, as opposed to exploring new ways to advance the business.