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Becky Dennis’ remarkable journey

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It’s a nightmare that’s hard to contemplate. My good friend Becky Dennis, who’s worked in outsourcing for years, was thousands of miles from home after delivering a pitch to a group of executives.


Alsbridge digs deep into the guts of the Cloud with Telwares acquisition

Ben Trowbridge is CEO, Alsbridge (click for bio)

A subtle, but decisive, shift took place in the sourcing advisory landscape today, with Alsbridge’s announcing the acquisition of leading telecoms/networking sourcing advisor, Telwares, to firmly place Alsbridge as the main contender to ISG at the helm of the independent boutique advisor market.

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So… who’s got the bottle to buy HP’s BPO services business?


In today’s commodotizing market for IT and business services, HP’s services business can only really look to defend what it still has against the encroaching competitive bite of the likes of Accenture, Cognizant, Genpact, IBM, TCS etc. However, there is one option that could revitalize its legacy: merge with one of the market leaders.


Captain Cliff of the Sourcing Enterprise Part IV… The Final Frontier

Captain Cliff Justice and his cohorts aboard the Sourcing Enterprise (pictured left)

Let’s boldly go to the final frontier of our discussion where KPMG’s Cliff Justice talks about how the world of “outsourcing” has changed in today’s economy


Tiger Tales Part III… Working with the 57%

NV “Tiger” Tyagarajan is President and CEO, Genpact (click for bio)

In Part III, we ask Genpact CEO Tiger Tyagarajan his views of the “57%”, the percentage of enterprise customers who feel their provider does not understand their business

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Are YOU ready for dreamSource?


Today, we’re proud to announce the unveiling of what promises to be the ultimate sourcing showdown of leading enterprise buyers and providers… in Westchester County, New York, next Spring

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Losing the war for talent: Why offshore providers come up short onshore


The need to hire and develop quality onshore account management and delivery personnel is becoming the crucial differentiator in today’s ever-tightening outsourcing marketplace. Those that can win this talent war will be the ones who can truly move beyond yesterday’s flagging outsourcing model.


Tiger Tales Part II… The pace of change

NV "Tiger" Tyagarajan is President and CEO, Genpact (click for bio)

In Part II of our interview with Genpact’s CEO NV “Tiger” Tyagarajan, we discuss the bifurcation occurring between the sourcing approaches of small and mid-sized organizations and today’s large enterprises… and the pace of change we can expect in today’s environment


Captain Cliff of the Sourcing Enterprise Part III… The Death of the “O” Word

Captain Cliff Justice (pictured center), who happens to be Partner and U.S. Leader, Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory at KPMG

Welcome back to the Captain Cliff chronicles. And since Part II, we have actually witnessed Cliff speak for a whole hour at an outsourcing conference and manage not to mention the “O” word once. That’s quite a feat, so let’s find out why…


Greetings from Robotistan, outsourcing’s cheapest new destination


How would you like to build a software robot to automate a business process for one client, and then resell copies of that robot to a dozen other clients in the same vertical?