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Outsourcing: a symptom of a failing education system?

Most people still claim they really outsource to save money – of course that’s an immediate benefit, but you wouldn’t even be considering it, if you had operations in place that were really good.


NorthgateArinso: Is it ready to give the HRO market a boost?

Despite a challenging economy, NorthgateArinso grew revenues 8.5% in its 2009/2010 fiscal year and increased win rates in its HRO business. The company has made significant investments in its core technology platforms, established an extensive global delivery infrastructure, created a massive library of process standards, is in the midst of a company-wide rollout of Six Sigma, and has been developing the culture and skills it thinks are required for execution excellence and improved customer satisfaction.

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Amazon: Saved by a Royal Wedding

Going forward, Amazon can expect a similar spotlight to highlight both its successes and failures. Why? The Cloud offering is a disruption to the tried and trusted IT and BP services model. Much is at stake and whether it likes it or not, Amazon is one of a few companies that now sits at the fulcrum.

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WellPoint’s governator, Tony Filippone, joins HfS as Research Vice President

Please welcome Mr Anthony Filippone to the hallowed ground of HfS analyst, industry thought-leader, and, most notably, the role of Governator-Extraordinaire


The Finance & Accounting BPO market landscape in 2011

This report delivers an unprecedented view of the F&A BPO industry, based on 788 live engagements, where organizations have outsourced two or more core F&A processes to a service provider. In addition to exhaustive contract information, HfS draws upon recent demand-side survey analysis to deliver the complete view of the market dynamics, the service provider landscape and the future expected direction of the industry.


HP’s strategy: is it plotting, or losing the plot?

Unless HP is plotting a radical move to buy SAP, or some other ERP business, HP seems to be letting itself down badly – the firm needs new thinkers who can drive innovation and a new direction into the business, because right now, most industry observers are left scratching their heads trying to figure out what the game-plan is.


Why HfS is the first analyst to deliver real-time BPO price-benchmarking

HfS today launched the research industry’s first price-benchmarking practice, the HfS BPO PriceIndicator™, to cover business process outsourcing (BPO) functions. These include business processes specific to Finance and Accounting, Procurement, Human Resources and industry-specific outsourcing functions, such as healthcare, insurance and banking


Are you ready for… The HfS Private Cloud Challenge?

Private Clouds are a cynical oxymoron. The whole point of a Cloud is that you share resources and don’t have to own the capacity you need, because its available on demand, so you can pay by the drink. Well, if you own the resources and the capacity, it is inherently limited to what you own, and you’ve already paid for everyone’s drinks at the bar whether they consume them or not!


Have a read of Outsource Magazine

Have a read of Outsource Magazine

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Where have all the consultants gone?

You’re probably not aware of a very subtle, but tectonic shift going on in the business process outsourcing industry which has implications for all those things that we all tout as benefits of sourcing—innovation, deep domain experience, true client partnerships


HfS gets its Ivory Tower!

Tom’s joined HfS’ leadership lead as our Vice President for Client Services to prove that we do actually care about our clients.


Join us in London for SIG’s Regional Roundtable

This event represents SIG’s first major foray into the UK, and it promises to set new sourcing standards, featuring integral discussions on global business operations strategy, sourcing, shared services and BPO

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Genpact spurns its suitors to IT-enable its BPO, with India’s third largest acquisition

So why did Genpact buy Headstrong, in the third-largest acquisition ever made by an India-based provider, since Wipro picked up InfoCrossing for a cool $600m in 2007, and HCL-Axon for a similar sum, the following year? And, most importantly, what does this mean for the immediate future of the BPO business?


The truth about Latin American outsourcing…

Today’s piece in CIO – “IT Outsourcing in Latin America: 9 Things Your Vendor Won’t Tell You” – sparked some further thinking from HfS analyst Esteban Herrera: The truth about Latin American Outsourcing


HfS Podcast: Why Latin America? …And why now?

HfS VP of Marketing Mark Reed-Edwards got together with Esteban Herrera, HfS COO, and Euan Davis, Managing Director of HfS’ European Research Practice get together to discuss the LatAm region and its development in the global sourcing industry.

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Wipro refines its Oil & Gas presence with slick move for SAIC’s practice

Today’s news that Wipro is acquiring SAIC’s Oil & Gas Technology practice for $150M appears to be another complementary addition by the Indian ITES industry’s most aggressive acquirer


Painsharing exposed: HfS to reveal the worst performers in the outsourcing industry

Introducing the HfS Research Painsharing Paradox