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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Outsourcing – death by boredom?



HfS Research will be talking Cloud-sourcing in London this November

You’ll have a chance to see HfS Research’s European research lead, Euan Davis, up close on November 18 at the IIAR London Forum in Central London from 3:45 – 6:30 pm. The session isubbed the “Cloud,” and Euan will be giving the HfS Research view of the Cloud, based on brand-spanking new data our joint study with the London School of Economics, which covered the views and intentions of 1043 companies.

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Up in the air with Ritesh Idnani… Part III

In the final chapter of our interview with Infosys COO Ritesh Indnani, he elaborates on communication and interaction, and how our industry can rapidly improve collaboration through social media.


Will customers buy CSC’s vision?

We liked what we heard at CSC’s European analyst event. The provider outlined two strategies dealing with the short and long term realities of how you, the customer, buys IT and business services


CSC stakes its claim to prosper in the new IT services ecosystem

CSC has struck out in a new direction sketching out a long-term position as a “service integrator” and laying out a cloud strategy that goes beyond the usual hype. The real test is whether CSC can channel its pricing and engagement models, its service management frameworks and—critically—its sales team in the same direction as the new IT services ecosystem emerges. This HfS RAPIDInsight sets out the HfS Research take on CSC’s strategy; what is needs to make it work, and what it means for customers.

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Building your governance team: if you hire monkeys, you get…

A well defined outsourcing strategy


The Sport of Kings – Why Euan Davis decided to run with the horses

We all make curious decisions in life, like when you accepted your mum’s Facebook invitation… or when Bill O’Reilly decided to be born. However, these pale in comparison when one of Europe’s finest services analysts traded the corporate upper-echelons of Forrester Research to help kick-start a quirky little feisty research upstart, that was launched out of a blog – with a name no-one the left side of the Atlantic understands. But it happened: Euan Davis really did join HfS Research!


Sal-sourcing in the real world, Part II

Accenture’s head of global BPO, Mike Salvino, is interviewed by HfS Research’s Phil Fersht on his future vision for the BPO industry


Strange Things Happen at the Negotiation Table

According to HfS analyst Esteban Herrera, he’s seen weeping, object-throwing, suicide threats, uncontrollable roll-on-the-floor laughter, walk-outs both staged and unplanned, and even a handstand…


Innovation in F&A BPO? We have it all right here folks…

This new HfS report dives into the experiences and expectations of a selection of today’s most experienced enterprise Finance and Accounting (F&A) BPO buyers, when it comes to achieving innovation. We spoke to a collection of major F&A BPO customers which have achieved some form of innovation as they went through the F&A BPO experience with a major service provider.

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Up in the air with Ritesh Idnani… Part II

In Part II, Ritesh explains the changes in the BPO industry from his perspective – especially the inherent need for providers to align their BPO service offerings with an industry-verticalized approach.


Just when you thought this week’s New York event was cancelled… Rocket-fuel Frank saves the day

It’s been quite a few days in the world of New York outsourcing events… firstly, the Global Sourcing Forum was cancelled over the weekend when the organizer had some sort of to-do with the Marriott hotel venue


Up in the air with Ritesh Idnani… Part I

Several people at Infosys have told me that noone spends more time traveling across the globe than the COO for their BPO business… Ritesh Idnani. So when we teed up an interview with him, I asked him how many airmiles he has racked up, and his response was simply “am getting close to George Clooney’s character in the movie Up in the Air.”


HfS Research hires a new dynamo analyst, the likes of which you have never experienced…

We’ve scoured the globe to source the finest talent, and are delighted to unveil some unbridled expertise…

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Accenture bags Ariba’s sourcing practice to extend its global category management capabilities

Today, Accenture annouced a significant move to incorporate Ariba’s managed services business into its own global procurement and sourcing operations, which adds signifanct category expertise across to both Accenture’s existing European procurment operation in Prague, Czech Republic, but also Ariba’s onshore services center in Pittsburgh.


Sole sourcing and the Lindsay Lohan experience

When a customer decides it has already found its provider-to-be, and wants to avoid the conflicting emotions of exploring what might-have-been with its competitors, it can inadvertently offset a spiral of sanity-losing issues for both parties, as they prepare to walk down the aisle