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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Why not build a shared services infrastructure to support the banking sector?


Leading Change – the 15% Solution

The most dominant discussion thread I constantly have with clients today is about change management, and this is massively relevant in these times of rampant globalization, and this uncertain climate. Companies today simply cannot go out and hire teams of executives with deep outsourcing and offshoring experience – they are hard to find, expensive and often don’t understand your specific business needs […]


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Multi-lingual outbound sales anyone?

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The challenges of moving to a global HR model

Julia Velixon at Mercer recently presented a new study conducted with the Harvard Business School, based on interviews with senior HR leaders from 60 global corporation, focused on the challenges of HR leaders moving from local to global roles within an global HR function.


Expect a phrenetic Q1’09 for outsourcing activity in the banking sector

More on the recent survey we ran (to which many of you contributed) on the immediate outsourcing intentions from the beleaguered financial sector. The financial services sector has held back from many outsourcing opportunities in recent years through a stubborn resistance to change and a fear of losing control over non-core business processes. However, with this […]


India shows us how to innovate


How the credit crunch will affect Britain

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Banks ramp-up their outsourcing plans


Can Obama turn the USA into a competitive sourcing location?

Being ineligible to vote in this country, I’ve been an amused observer of one of the the most enthralling and contentious elections in years – and trying to understand how each candidate will impact the future of the global outsourcing industry. What is clear, is that shipping jobs offshore isn’t necessary very good for the local unemployment rate – the […]


Why Rick Astley should be put in charge of the US Treasury


Dispatches from DC: Shift Happens


10 commandments of blogging

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Is the day of the offshore financial services captive in terminal decline?

The current financial crisis is driving many of the leading financial institutions to sell their Indian captive operation to third-party service providers, typified by Citigroup today offloading its Indian banking services operations to Tata Consultancy Services for $505 million. Most of these offshore captives were established in recent years to cater for growth in the […]


Cash is king again as M&A activity in outsourcing hots up


In case you missed the real debate…

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Why these are good times for the outsourcing industry