The Twelve Tenets of Trust


While we were all getting carried away with the As-a-Service Economy, where life and work will be completely digitized, robotized, on-demand, one-to-many, outcome-based – and all available on your mobile device – our Chicago Blueprint Sessions helped us dial back a bit to reality, where one core element is needed for enterprises to get through the next 12 months, let along the next 12 years:  Trust.

When we asked the service buyers to describe their service provider relationship, it immediately became clear that half of them are still “master/slave” in nature:

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So Barbra McGann decided to put pen to paper after the vigorous Chicago debates to encapsulate the key tenets both service buyers and providers need to think harder about, if they are all going to end up joining the elite 27% in the promised land of jointly-strategized and executed service behavior:

The Twelve Tenets of Trust

Tell the Trust

Stay Honest

Appoint an advocate

Organize appropriately

Get governance


Enable activism

Build a shared culture

Be responsive

Create transparency

Establish secondments

Consider audits

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