Sourcing to Latin America: Everything you ever needed to know in 60 minutes


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If you follow us closely, you’ve probably already read our research study on the Latin American global sourcing industry, The Latin America Sourcing Landscape in 2011: How Latin America Powers Global Services Delivery.

After that taste of the study, we’re sure you’ll want more. So we’ve assembled a stellar panel to delve into Latin America in a special HfS Research Webinar at 11:00 am ET on June 2.

Join HfS Research Founder and CEO Phil Fersht as he’s joined by:

Phil, Esteban, Beni and Mark have a packed agenda, with the following questions up for discussion:

  • With global sourcing delivery showing no signs of slowing down across IT and business processes, what we can expect in the coming years?
  • Latin American strategies underpin global delivery with increasingly mature services, so  what are the region’s strengths and challenges?
  • How should buyers consider the global trade-offs (i.e., vs. India) when calculating their future sourcing investments?
  • How should buyers balance their portfolio of local, regional and global providers?
  • How should buyers approach smarter pricing strategies where formulating a global sourcing roadmap?

Register now for Sourcing to Latin America: A new threshold in global services performance on June 2 at 11:00 am ET

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