The biggest, baddest and boldest bevvy of buyers is back to bend the boundaries of the blueprint in Boston…but hurry as we’re almost out of room!

The Charles Street Jail (today aptly named the Liberty Hotel) is where tomorrow’s sourcing industry will be shaped this October

It back! And this time its bigger and badder than ever.  In fact, this time it’s gonna be so bad we’ve hired out a Bostonian prison* to confine the brain power and restrain the inmates.

The outsourcing industry power brokers gathered at our HfS 50 Executive Council event this past April in New York City for a two-day working session we dubbed the “HfS Sourcing Blueprint Sessions.” With insight provided by HfS Research’s analyst team supporting collaborative sessions involving 41 enterprise outsourcing leaders, who were later joined by a select group of executives representing six of the leading service providers, the HfS 50 Executive Council collectively authored the seminal Blueprint Document for the sourcing industry.  Now it’s time for the “Blueprint Sessions 2.0” being held in the city of Boston this October 23-25…

Putting the four blueprint industry challenges into action

This time, there is no get out of jail free as we whip out the magnificent Blueprint Document which so many of you sweated over, to put the recommendations into practice over two and a half days of working sessions:

»      Challenge #1: How can we overcome this singular focus on cost that strips the industry of its value?

»      Challenge #2: How can we leverage outsourcing as one of a variety of vehicles to achieve business objectives?

»      Challenge #3: How can many of the service providers invest smarter in their account management teams?

»      Challenge #4: How can buyers and providers really partner to foster innovations into business process outcomes?

We are determined to make the HfS 50 Executive Council the absolute best resource and intimate community for today’s sourcing leaders. Beyond the extraordinary peer networking we encourage, we want our participants to gain tangible opportunities to improve their operations and access the best research and data to support their planing, and we intend to use the Council’s efforts to drive real change in the industry.  Oh – and the food and booze will be something to behold…

We are very close to capacity for our upcoming  Blueprint Sessions 2.0 taking place October 23-25, 2012 in Boston  event so Register Now to secure your spot!

*The Liberty Hotel, Boston, is an example of how a prison can be converted into a five star hotel and meeting venue

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