Ready for a reality slap around the face with a wet kipper?


It’s high time we brought the HfS show back to our hometown of Cambridge MA this December, where we’ll give everyone a big reality slap around the face with a wet kipper:


Yes, people, it’s time to dial back the rhetoric, stop talking about fantastical things that will probably never happen, and get to the heart of the matter: how can we actually define and realize business outcomes from outsourcing?

This will be a service buyer event, where we have 45 exclusive enterprise buyer seats reserved for the chosen few, and we will wheel in some unsuspecting service provider leaders for our famous face/off debate, where we are going to challenge them on why they aren’t self-cannibalizing, why they all insist on using the same lingo we can barely comprehend, and how they plan to be different from each other when the fog lifts.

We’ll be holding the HfS Working Summit in Harvard Square just down the road from our headquarters. So mark your calendars now:

Defining and Realizing Business Outcomes

HfS Working Summit for Service Buyers

December 1-2 2015, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA

More details–including the agenda, accommodations, how to apply for registration and sponsors–to follow very soon.

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Drop us a note to apply for a seat (Service Buyers Only)


We hope you can make it to Harvard Square this December. It will be a great way to end the year and get ready for 2016. And, of course, we’ll have a little fun, great food and booze while we’re at it.

This will be an invitation only event, but we do encourage you to drop us a note if you are interested in applying for a seat. It’ll be great to have you there to celebrate the year we’ve had and get stuck into some unvarnished debate!

Be there, or be Harvard Square!

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