Are you ready for a real Governance Academy?


After years of coaxing and nagging from so many of you, we’ve finally got our act together to get an all-singing and dancing governance training and certification program off the ground. And not only that, we’ve acquired the Selah Group to help us do this, with Mr Governance Training Maestro himself, Mike Beals, as our lead instructor.

What on earth has HfS gone and done now?

With the acquisition, we’ve officially launched the HfS Governance Academy; an advanced series of instructor-led online and classroom-based training services designed to help HfS Research’s global enterprise clients across the Americas, Europe and Asia/Pacific regions govern their outsourcing and shared services environments more effectively.  As we have bleated on about here for god-knows how long, the only genuine path to achieving more value from outsourcing and shared services initiatives is through the development of more progressive and collaborative enterprise buyer/service provider relationships.

Why are we doing this?

Over the past four years, the HfS Sourcing Executive Council members have bitterly bemoaned the absence of a relevant, up-to-date and sophisticated governance training and certification program in the sourcing industry.

What form will the training take?

The HfS Governance Academy is uniquely primed to address this need with eight phases of instructor-led and online training based on the following modules:

Relationship Management Modules
  • Understanding the Value of Business-to-Business Relationships
  • Provider Selection and Relationship Establishment
  • Realignment and Remediation
  • Achieving Innovation by Collaborative Partnering
Governance Training Modules
  • Governance Functionality and Design
  • Contractual Levers to Improve Performance
  • Multi-provider Portfolio Management
  • Sourcing Governance Effectiveness across the vendor management office and shared service centers

Is there a certification involved?

Yes. Participants in the training will be awarded the HfS Governance Academy Certification for Advanced Services Governance, upon successful completion of the eight modules.

What do HfS Sourcing Exec Council members also get?

In addition to the HfS Governance Academy courses, members of the HfS Sourcing Council also receive ongoing access to published HfS Research and analyst experts, HfS’ PriceIndicator benchmarking tool for services pricing across application management and BPO, and access to HfS’ flagship “Blueprint Sessions” events. Onsite training and facilitated workshops are also available for HfS clients.

And why is Mike Beals such a dude?

Mike Beals is Managing Director, Governance Training Services at HfS (click for bio)

As part of the merger, Mike Beals, who founded and previously led governance training for the Selah Group, joins HfS as Managing Director for Governance Training Services. Beals brings to HfS 20 years of ITO, BPO, relationship management, and outsourcing governance experience and is widely-recognized across the services industry as a leading innovator and corporate instructor for outsourcing and shared services governance. His full bio can be viewed by clicking here.

And where can you lean more?

Simply email us here and we’ll probably get back to you…. if we don’t, send another one with “xxxxxxxg respond please” in the subject line…

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  1. Such exciting news. Can’t wait to see the program up and running – we’ll definitely be interested in learning more,

    Amanda Hare

  2. Do you still maintain the training mateirals in the Governance academy?

    Also I was searching for research on the communities throughts/approaches to Vendor Management Office funcitons when I ran across this article. Is there any research along those lines directly?

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