Get your governance right in 15 minutes with Stan and Esteban


Still struggling to find that right governance model?  Well you’ll probably still be after listening to this, but they’ll at least validate all the things that you should be doing, which you  know you should probably doing, and are probably not, for whatever reason, but would love to if you could just get your boss to listen to you.

Or maybe your didn’t know what you were supposed to be doing, and will be guided down the path of enlightenment when you listen to HfS Research’s  Esteban Herrera and Stan Lepeak from our research partner, EquaTerra, when they discuss “Outsourcing Governance Models: Which One Fits Your Needs?”

Click to hear Lepeak and Herrera's Podcast – "Outsourcing Governance Models: Which One Fits Your Needs?"

Click here to listen to the podcast:
Outsourcing Governance Models: Which One Fits Your Needs?

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