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  • NorthgateArinso: Is it ready to give the HRO market a boost?

    April 27, 2011 |

    Despite a challenging economy, NorthgateArinso grew revenues 8.5% in its 2009/2010 fiscal year and increased win rates in its HRO business. The company has made significant investments in its core technology platforms, established an extensive global delivery infrastructure, created a massive library of process standards, is in the midst of a company-wide rollout of Six Sigma, and has been developing the culture and skills it thinks are required for execution excellence and improved customer satisfaction.Read More

  • Genpact spurns its suitors to IT-enable its BPO, with India’s third largest acquisition

    April 07, 2011 |

    So why did Genpact buy Headstrong, in the third-largest acquisition ever made by an India-based provider, since Wipro picked up InfoCrossing for a cool $600m in 2007, and HCL-Axon for a similar sum, the following year? And, most importantly, what does this mean for the immediate future of the BPO business?Read More

  • The Future of Work – Who will lead?

    March 30, 2011 |

    Companies need leaders to start thinking about the future of work as part of their business planning processes. HR leaders are well positioned to understand the capability and talent of the organization. They also have access to more enabling technology they ever before to help engage the entire workforce in creating the future of work at their companies.Read More

  • Welcome to Networking 2.0 – HfS and SIG are moving the needle for the sourcing industry

    March 08, 2011 |

    The biggest issue in today's sourcing industry is the need for a truly independent and high-value environment for sourcing and outsourcing practitioners to collaborate and share knowledge. HfS is delighted to announce an exclusive industry partnership with the premier membership organization that has served sourcing and outsourcing professionals from Global 1000 companies throughout a 20-year history: the Sourcing Interests Group.Read More

  • “Cloud BPO”? C’mon… stop talking cobblers

    February 13, 2011 |

    "Cloud BPO" is, simply put, a load of nonsense. The core fulcrum processes of BPO are the toughest to move into the Cloud, and only the small-to-medium business sector is going to enjoy any modicum of success of moving genuine "BPO" processes, such as finance and HR, into the Cloud in the near-term.Read More

  • Learn what 1,000 of your colleagues really think about Cloud Business Services

    January 24, 2011 |

    HfS Research, in partnership with the Outsourcing Unit of the London School of Economics, is hosting a webinar, sponsored by Accenture, featuring the key findings from the groundbreaking study of Cloud Business Services.Read More

  • Are you ready to turn on… to HfS research dot com?

    January 23, 2011 |

    A few memories from the HfS team, as we ready for something just a little bit special, coming very soon to a laptop near you. And ask yourself - are you ready? Read More

  • Expecting more from Procurement BPO? SpendMatters and HfS investigate

    January 13, 2011 |

    The struggle with procurement BPO has typically been the belief that either moving labor from higher to lower cost regions, or re-badging employees from corporate to a BPO provider, would alone be enough to achieve results. To tackle the issue we teamed up with HfS Expert Contributor, Jason Busch of SpendMatters fame. Jason also assumes the role of senior advisor for the coveted HfS Single malt Foundation, where he has excelled in his duties.Read More

  • 2011: The Year your provider vies to be your service integrator. Will you play ball?

    January 12, 2011 |

    Europe’s Logica begins its New Year by inking an intriguing partnership with Microsoft. What, at first glance, looks like a rather mundane partnership really signals something else: That its going to be the business driving Cloud—Logica gets this and so does Microsoft. And each needs the other.Read More

  • Cloud is changing the future of outsourcing: 1000 organizations have spoken

    December 19, 2010 |

    Gone are the days when CIOs demanded their shareholders underpin massive technology investments in ERP and infrastructure. Those investments have been made, and most CEOs intend never again to make capital outlays of that ilk on technology. Enter the Cloud. This is driving a new inflection point in the provisioning of business services, that goes far beyond straightforward outsourcing.Read More