The powerhouses of global sourcing are meeting in Chicago this Fall… can you really afford not to be there?


Yes, the HfS Blueprint Sessions are coming back to North America for an eighth installment this November, at Chicago’s famous Drake Hotel, for the biggest naval-gaze yet at our analog present and digital future of global services.

This will be the most intimate and significant gathering yet of enterprise buy-side operations leaders, who will come face-to-face with the prominent thinkers and operators from the service provider and advisory world. This will be the time when the global services and outsourcing industry takes a collective long-hard look at itself to develop a future roadmap that is sustainable and value-driven; where operations executives can progress their careers, and challenge themselves to stay ahead of the changing needs and skills demanded by today’s ambitious enterprises.

We are on a mission to legitimize the industry of services professionals and break from the bad-old habits that have been plaguing us for far too long. We need you to be part of this with us – and have some fun in the process.

We’ll be tackling two key themes throughout the two days:

1) Resetting the Analog table-stakes of today: Where are today’s global services relationships succeeding and failing – and how can both buyers and providers work towards collectively realistic and meaningful expectations. What needs to change with the way buyers operate, providers deliver, and advisors advise?  Click here and hereto cogitate some of the key takeaways from Cambridge.

2) Envisioning the Digital stakes of tomorrow: Recent HfS research (click here) shows that enterprise buyers are falling short with their own “digital talent” and need real help from providers and advisors to develop the analytical and creative skills they need to take full advantage of plug-and-play “as-a-service” models, process automation and other digital solutions. How can buyers break from legacy on-premise ERP models and tired, stagnant FTE-based outsourcing relationships to lay the framework for their digital operations of the future?

Roy Barden, who has taken on the role of Head of Next Generation Shared Services, Cabinet Office, Her Majesty’s Government, said of his recent experience at the European HfS Blueprint Sessions, “I found the summit as one of  – if not the – most valuable events of its type I have attended”.  So if we’re good enough for the Queen’s service delivery, we should be good enough for yours 🙂

On behalf of the HfS team, we sincerely hope to meet many of you in Chicago.

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