Maria Terekhova
Senior Research Analyst

Maria Terekhova is a Senior Research Analyst at HFS Research. She covers HFS’s Triple-A Trifecta of RPA, smart analytics, and AI, with a vertical focus on the banking, financial services, and insurance industries. She takes an interest in startups in the fintech and automation spaces challenging larger players.


Before joining HFS, Maria was a research analyst covering fintech at Business Insider Intelligence, based out of London. She took away a deep interest in all matters AI, blockchain, and the digital disruption of niche sectors that needed a rude awakening, not least insurance, mortgages, and credit scoring.


Before becoming an analyst, Maria wrote for publications within the Financial Times Group. Further back in time, she graduated with a first BA degree from King’s College London (English Language and Literature) and a first Master of Philosophy degree from the University of Cambridge (HPS of Science, Technology, and Medicine).

In her spare time, Maria reads just about everything (with a particular preference for historical nonfiction and Victorian novels), enjoys anything to do with Copenhagen, finding music with great lyrics, and learning about wines. She also likes swimming, drawing, and creative writing. She lives in Cambridge, England with her fiance.