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Welcome to the “Amazing Horse Race”

The “Amazing Horse Race” is the ultimate public bloodbath of the sourcing industry, as the “Buy Team” defends the title it so gloriously won last year in Edinburgh.  However, this time it’s not going to be quite as easy…

Your host: Phil Fersht, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, HfS Research

The Amazing Horse Race

1) The “Sell Team” has been bolstered by signing up Kevin Campbell from the Green Bay Accentures, Sheriff David Poole from Capgemini, Don “Shoot ’em up” Schulman from IBM, and Bob “Pokerface” Pryor from Genpact;

2) The “Influencer Team” miraculously appears from nowhere to feature such sourcing savviness as KMPG’s Cliff “The Judge” Justice, TPI’s Mark “Marvelous” Mayo, EquaTerra’s Bob “Bulldozer” Cecil, alongside HfS’ own Esteban “Evil” Herrera;

3) The “Buy Team” has recruited HfS’ own emeritus, the  veteran of dodgy conference game-shows himself, Lee “Anti-vertical silo” Coulter (now with Ascension Health), the MSA master from MassMutual himself, Srini “KPI crusher” Krishnamurthy, Northern Trust’s Jay “Dangerous” Desai, and is rumored to be in discussions with Wal-Mart’s Michael “The Miracle” Lockard  about securing his quarterback services.  And a mystery buyer, endowed with special sourcing skills, may well be unveiled shortly…

We’ll be at The Peabody in Orlando for the 15th Annual North American Shared Services & Outsourcing Week with our friends from SSON. And on Thursday, March 3 at 8:30 AM, we’re expecting some fireworks.

We’ll be staging the ultimate contest of unbridled wits and cunning, by challenging contestants from the very peaks of the outsourcing industry: those who buy it, those who provide it… and those who influence it. We’ll discuss (and maybe, if you’re lucky) argue about these questions:

* Why didn’t outsourcing “replace” shared services?
* Do today’s organizations really function better once they’ve outsourced key processes?
* Are today’s organizations getting a lot of innovation from outsourcing – and, if not, can they in the future?
* What’s all the hype about Cloud computing, and will it really impact outsourcing and shared services?
* And where’s this all really going? Are we on a race to the bottom, or somewhere else?

We know you’ll want to be in Orlando with us, s0 HfS Research has negotiated a great deal for our subscribers:

If you register by February 7th, with code ‘SSOW_HfS’ you’ll save 15%*

So here’s how you do it. Just email [email protected] for more info. Or call 1-800-882-8684. And remember to use the special code: SSOW_HfS.

See you in Orlando!

*This offer can’t be used in conjunction with any offer; offer based on standard prices only.

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