Is your Robotic Software really supporting business transformation at scale beyond piecemeal projects? Time to have your say…

Are you as confused are we are with some of the recent analyst matrices floating around the industry this year?  Some products are performing completely differently depending on the analyst and how they “define” the market and whatever methodology they used to score each product.

However, one thing is clear:  at HFS we ensure we rely on a lot more than a briefing and a handful of rose-tinted clients served up by the suppliers themselves.  We reach out across our global network of power users (enterprise clients, advisors, and service providers) to get the true unvarnished experiences of robotic software. 

This is why we scrapped the 2×2 matrix last year and went for a direct ranking of suppliers, based across three critical variables:  execution, innovation and the voice of the customer.  HFS subscribers can click here to access the full 2018 RPA Top Ten report. 

On 2018, we introduced the “Voice of the Customer” to rank the leading RPA products across the experiences of 352 power users

In short, there are growing questions about whether “RPA” can deliver transformation on the promised ROI and outcomes, especially as most RPA initiatives continue to be small and piecemeal, with truly scaled RPA deployments are rare (only 13% of client boast any true scale to date). The industry is still struggling to solve challenges around the process, change, talent, training, infrastructure, security, and governance – hence our shift to re-categorizing and evaluating these RPA products by their ability to support clients’ desired business transformations. 

With the mission to demystify this confusion and uncover the truth to successful RPA deployment, last year we conducted a first of its kind RPA CX research to develop the list of “HFS Top 10 RPA Products”. The research was based on interviews with over 350 clients and product partners across the ten leading RPA products across:

  • Ability to execute based on product functionality (Ease of integration with legacy IT, Unassisted automation functionality, OCR functionality, Scheduling functionality, Development tools, Exception handling, Required set-up coding, Ease of product configuration); integration and support (Service extensions and connectors, Documentation, Certification program, Training and customer support, Experience in serving multiple geographies, Adoption across multiple industries, Required IT skill-sets), and security and governance (Uptime and SLA commitments, Version control and upgrade management, Centralized controls, Regulatory compliance, Enterprise security, Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP))
  • Innovation capability based on flexibility and scalability (Accommodating process / environment changes, Licensing model flexibility, Ability to handle multiple processes, Workflow templates and library of processes, Handling multiple inputs) and embedding intelligence (Processing structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, Operational Analytics, Dashboards, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities)
  • Voice of the customer based on the RPA products ability to drive business outcomes (Realizing cost savings, Speed-to-market, Overall satisfaction, and Client reference ability)

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In 2019, we’re refocusing the market on the ability of robotic software to support clients’ desired business transformations

HFS Research has redefined Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software as Robotic Transformation Software (RTS) in order to put the emphasis on transformation and track how well automation software firms are enabling enterprise change.

The 2019 HFS Robotic Transformation Experience Survey will paint the truest picture yet of the software companies that are really enabling change and embracing integrated automation capabilities. This research will benchmark the collective customer experiences of the leading RTS products across multiple dimensions including:

· Functionality and ease of use
· Implementation, service, and support
· Security, governance, and controls
· Scalability and flexibility
· Innovation and embedded intelligence
· Ability to transform business processes and deliver business outcomes

The research will provide a credible, unbiased, collective voice of the customer that assesses business results and transformation potential, based on actual customer experience rather than market hype and rose-tinted client references bragging about their number of bot implementations.

Note: This survey is designed exclusively for users/clients of RTS and partners (consultants and service providers).

All responses will be kept strictly confidential and it will take approximately 15-20 minutes of your time.

We will award two lucky participants with a years’ free access to HFS premium research where you can access the industry’s leading data on automation and AI solutions – and have priority time with our leading analysts:

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