Month: April 2010

  • Preaching Process with Pramod: Genpact’s CEO discusses the New Relentless Economy, Part I

    April 28, 2010 |

    In order to help us grasp how the global provider community is reponding to this new relentless environment, we have engaged a number of CEOs of the leading providers to share with us their frank views of the changing world, how they survived the Recession, and how they intend to shape their business to support tomorrow's winners.To begin this series, we caught up with Genpact's President and CEO, Pramod Bhasin, and are delighted to feature some his thoughts from a very engaging discussion Read More

  • How do you really define innovation?

    April 26, 2010 |

    Ask six people what represents innovation and you will get half a dozen answers. Three people discussing innovation will consist of a couple of people talking about two different things while the eyes of the third glaze over. Innovation is a term that epitomizes the semantic differential. But regardless of how it is interpreted, it is a very important element for potential buyers of BPO services.Read More

  • Weekend stuff: The myth of “enterprise” social networking

    April 24, 2010 |

    So what is enterprise social networking? Well, it is collaboration within the enterprise and with selected external stakeholders. To me, this is not social networking given that if I use these tools, the people with whom I can interact and the content with which I can engage are restricted by the enterprise.Read More

  • Practical outsourcing tips over a pint: legal advice from George Kimball

    April 23, 2010 |

    George has become one of the best known lawyers in the industry over recent years, representing both buyers and service providers on some of the largest and most pivotal engagements during his tenure at law-firm Baker & McKenzie, before recently joining the legal team at Hewlett-Packard.Read More

  • President Peter prognosticates… Part II

    April 22, 2010 |

    Peter Allen, CSC's President of Global Sales & Marketing, discusses his views on Cloud Computing strategy and whether some sourcing advisors can escape the hamster-wheelRead More

  • Are you achieving innovation? Share your experiences with us (please)

    April 19, 2010 |

    you are cordially invited to spend the next few riveting minutes of your life plodding through our latest surveymonkey utopia to air your experiences of achieving (or not achieving) innovation when you do some BPORead More

  • President Peter prognosticates… Part I

    April 18, 2010 |

    Peter Allen has been one of the most prominent and consistent figures in the world of global sourcing over the last decade, where he played a key role as the public face of sourcing advisor TPI during the firm's rise to prominence in recent years. Peter has ventured into the service provider world, where he spent time earlier in his career, and now assumes the mightly role of President of Global Sales and Marketing for technology service giant, Computer Sciences Corp. Read Part I of this interview with Phil Fersht.Read More

  • What is your basis of competition? Or what can you safely outsource?

    April 17, 2010 |

    When the core issue is purely cost-elimination, the aging theory was to focus on outsourcing non-core processes and retaining the core, however, HfS analyst Mike Atwood invokes some interesting theory that the old core/non-core argument isn't weighing up to much in this economy - it's more about making outsourcing decisions based on your basis of competition. Read More

  • BPO, SaaS and Cloud: Too many people aren’t seeing the bigger picture

    April 13, 2010 |

    Too many technical folks fail to view the bigger picture when it comes to Cloud. At a tactical level, when you look at solely hardware capacity solutions, it's hard to see beyond how it can impact businesses beyond creaking ITO-only deals. However, you really need to look at the convergence of BPO, SaaS and Cloud in a broader outsourcing context to start to visialize how these three pillars of business delivery can - and are - coming together in a blended outsourcing model.Read More

  • Healthcare Reform: The scramble for outsourcing business begins

    April 11, 2010 |

    Whoever said Obama was going to be bad news for the outsourcing business? The outsourcing market has rebounded heavily with the economic recovery and the successful passage of the new Heathcare Reform Bill has both the IT outsourcers and BPOs on red-alert for a barrage of new business oppirtunities. The need for payors to manage their administrative costs has never been as intense as it is now, with the fixed medical loss ratios. Read More