Are you achieving innovation? Share your experiences with us (please)


If you can't achieve innovation…

We’ve had some right ol’ rhubarbs on the “I” topic this year, so it’s high time we put the discussion to rest with a good ol’ survey.  Yes – you are cordially invited to spend the next few riveting minutes of your life plodding through our latest surveymonkey utopia to air your experiences of achieving (or not achieving) innovation when you do some BPO. 

 We’ll be probing for the following nuggets of experience from you:

  • Buyers (customers):  where have/haven’t you achieved innovation and where can you possibly achieve more of it in the future.  What’s holding you back, and what measures are you taking to get more of it.
  • Service providers:  where are your customers achieving innovation, and where can they achieve more of it in the future, with you as their partner.  How are they stepping up (or not) to put measures in place to achieve it.
  • Advisors and consultants:  how are your clients faring and what steps are they taking (or not taking) to achieve more.

We’ve also partnered with our networking partner,the Shared Services and Outsourcing Network (SSON) to reach the global sourcing industry at large with this study, and would dearly love to have you contribute your experiences with us, in full confidence.  Please spend a few minutes completing the following survey:

Click here to access our “Are you achieving Innovation” survey

In return for your time, you will receive a complimentary copy of the study findings. In addition, ten customer responses will be randomly selected to receive a free six-month subscription to Horses for Sources research, where you can pose questions to our motley crew on outsourcing, shared services strategy, Tibetan singing bowls or anything else that tickles your fancy.

In all seriousness, thanks in advance for your time – your opinions and experiences are incredibly valuable for furthering our research and this community’s shared learnings.

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