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Outsourcing and shared services investment intentions at record high as the Integrated Global Services model takes center stage

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Simply plastering more and more lipstick on the same old pig is eventually going to fail for many as Integrated Global Services becomes the future model of choice


Why so many cost-obsessed CEOs will fail if they ignore their supplier management capabilities

Failing at managing your extended enterprise?  Then click here to course correct

Recessions are good times for business leaders who love to focus on containing costs, however, times of recovery are markedly different


Forget business outcomes and innovation for now… most enterprises just want to get beyond adequate first


Our seminal State of Outsourcing Study, conducted with the support of KPMG, has revealed that today’s wizening outsourcing buyer is looking at industry experience and the provision of talent that can do more than just the basics, when it comes to choosing between their providers


Is it time to de-social our lives?


I would argue that it’s actually time to “de-social” our behavior to regain the effectiveness and quality of our interactions and relationships.


Welcome to the Six Tenets of Sourcing 2.0 – where a “lights on” approach might just get you fired


Big and clunky is ugly, lean and scalable is the new corporate sexy.


Replay of “Outsourcing is DEAD! Long Live Outsourcing…”


Click here for the replay & Click here for the slides. Enjoy!


Why American firms are more progressive with outsourcing than the Europeans and Asians

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Why is it always the Americans at the head of the queue when it comes to increasing quarterly profit margins? But, even more intriguingly, why are they also leading the way when it comes to attempting to improve their capabilities when they outsource? Our recent State of Outsourcing Study 2013, conducted with the support of KPMG, clearly shows the differing mission-critical business motivations across the main three global regions, when it comes to outsourcing


Cheap and cheerful: Is this really as good as it gets for IT Outsourcing?

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ITO maybe a commodity business, but a new wave of collaborative BPO services is beginning to show the way


Why the mid-market is the mother-in-law of outsourcing

I want the best SaaS platform, some great BPO and a bunch of data scientists...

When it comes to outsourcing, dealing with the middle-market has been somewhat akin to dealing with the mother-in-law: can be awkward to deal with, very hard to please, and always has complex demands on your patience and resources.


If outsourcing were an employee, it would be fired… Part 1


For those of you attending our dreamSource summit this Spring, Lee and I will co-host a session entitled “If outsourcing were an employee, it would be fired”. Lee, who today has built and now leads shared services for heathcare provider, Ascension Health, caught up with us last week to talk about the session and why we called it just that…


Why middle management is often as influential as the C-Suite when it comes to outsourcing


The official definition of insanity in sourcing: recounting how many times a service provider has said to you, “We’ve got to get to the C-suite to pitch innovative ideas because middle management is too risk adverse.”

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Outsourcing may be battered, bruised and vilified… so why is only a twentieth of enterprises planning to reduce it in 2013?


Make no bones about it: 2012 was a pretty dire year for the industry known as “outsourcing”. However, brand new data from our State of Outsourcing 2013 Study conducted with the support of KPMG, and the largest-ever research survey focused on IT and business function outsourcing, clearly shows that the majority of enterprises are not only aggressively focused on increasing their outsourcing portfoilios, but many are now taking a more mature and realistic approach.