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The great outsourcing talent-chasm: 57% of service provider staff don’t understand their clients’ businesses


In terms of business understanding, initiative, innovation and culture, non-US staff are miles behind local staff. For example, only 43% of outsourcing customer feel their non-US staff understands their business, when compared to 88% of local staff. Yes, this gap will surely close as the industry matures, but I find this talent-chasm unacceptable in today’s global marketplace.


So you think YOU have sourcing talent?

stern talent

We are inviting you to participate in a brief survey to explore today’s talent management challenges facing both your executives and staff – and you could win an iPhone 5 into the bargain, in addition to a complimentary copy of the study findings.

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Why the social enterprise matters… Yarmis brings his thoughts back from Dreamforce

HfS' Research VP Jonathan Yarmis putting in the hard graft at the Dreamforce show

We can’t understate the importance of social media on the enterprise. Hey – we bet our whole business model on it! And that’s why we hired one of the best thinkers in the social sphere to help us understand how social will impact business processes and how enterprises will operate in this new social world we live in. So we coaxed Jonathan Yarmis from his Dreamforce-induced hangover, where he was living it up with 90,00o 0ther technology geeks, to tell HfS why this matters….

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Refocusing on business outcomes is key…


Is there renewed hope for non-linear growth in outsourcing?


And Kops is back with… outsourcing clients’ merit badges


Outsourcing clients of the world: examine your experience to see if you’ve earned Deborah’s top 10 client merit badges


It’s more about technology than ever for HR executives…


Our trusted friends, over at the HR department, haven’t given up the ghost in helping their organizations close these capability gaps either… and they look beyond service providers alone as the solution: they want to invest in better technology. So where better to spend your time that at the HR technology in Chicago from October 8-10, 2012, where Bill Kutik and crew will put on their annual ode to the world of…. HR technology.


Matthew Eatough approximates his US strategy

The Windy City braces for a new storm coming from across the Atlantic...

Eighteen years ago, one man had a vision to take on, improve and ultimately manage the procurement function for British companies. And what better to call his firm, than the “buyingTeam”?  I mean, what else are you supposed to do when you’re in the procurement services business?  However, when the affable Matthew Eatough decided to expand […]

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Why rebrand outsourcing, when what we already have may be new and exciting…

Why rebrand outsourcing, when what we already have may be new and exciting…

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Well stone the lodes… Infosys cranks up its SAP-ness with the acquisition of Lodestone

Cindy Carpenter is Research Vice President, HfS Research (click for bio)

Infosys’s acquisition of management consultancy and SAP integrator Lodestone Holdings lines up perfectly with their long-term strategy of moving to higher value services, but this acquisition is a risky way to grow these capabilities.


An industry with no name? The outsourcing industry votes out the “O” word but can’t think of an alternative…


There is far too much “believe our own bullshit” going on and this industry needs to change before it can effectively “rebrand”


Look what Obama has done to the “O” word…


our new survey on the toxic “O” word has resoundingly proven that negative politics really does sway opinions, as an overwhelming majority of American enterprises want the word scrapped, which is in stark contract to European firms, who are largely happy to keep it


It’s official: the outsourcing industry has voted out its name


HfS Research has reached out to its unique community of services and operations professionals, and can finally reveal the answers we have long been searching for – that it’s time to re-brand the industry formerly known as outsourcing, with 61% of the industry stakeholders voting to drop the term


The biggest, baddest and boldest bevvy of buyers is back to bend the boundaries of the blueprint in Boston…but hurry as we’re almost out of room!


We are very close to capacity for our upcoming Blueprint Sessions 2.0 taking place October 23-25, 2012 in Boston event so Register Now to secure your spot!

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