It’s more about technology than ever for HR executives…


Our world at HfS has been dominated by the need for organizations to upscale their talent and capabilities to improve their operations – and how the majority are turning to their  service partners to access these delights.

However, our trusted friends, over at the HR department, haven’t given up the ghost when it comes to helping their organizations close these capability gaps either… and they look beyond service providers alone as the solution: they want to invest in better technology.

Last year’s survey which we conducted with Human Resource Executive, canvassed the views of 407 senior HR executives, who view accessing new technologies as trumping all other workforce needs when they look to the future:

So where better to spend your time than at the HR technology in Chicago from October 8-10, 2012, where Bill Kutik, Naomi Bloom et al will put on their annual ode to the world of…. HR technology. This event has 15 years of history behind it and has consistently delivered break-through debate and insight, including the now-famous session where Dave Duffield’s first explained to the world – in detail – what Workday was all about.

This year has Mark Hurd, Oracle’s President, discussing the dynamics of his HR software customers. The matriarch of HR technology herself, Naomi Bloom, one of HfS’ board advisors, is also presenting and hosting some excellent-looking sessions, including the intriguing “Bringing HR Into The Cloud” master panel that includes leading minds from the likes of, Workday, Oracle and SAP.  The is also a not-to-be-missed session being delivered by Gartner’s Thomas Otter – a great guy with some serious insight into how to avoid getting burned when doing a SaaS deal.

For those of you who have not previously attended, the conference is not deep techie stuff; instead it covers process, operations, and consulting, as well as technology, where HfS has, in the past, has presented and debated the trials and tribulations of HRO. The conference also has a reputation for actually having loads of clients and enterprise folks, not just vendors with their sandwich boards, plastic pens and booth bunnies. If you can make it to the conference, you will witness the whole wide array of HR providers – from software firms to RPOs, HROs and PEOs, in addition to the provocative sessions and panels.

Hfs followers should use the following link: for more information and to register. HfS registrants should enter the promotional of HFS12 code to secure a $500 discount from the full registration fee. This will get you entry to all the working sessions, as well as the vendor Expo. The conference hotels are fully booked as of this date; our suggestion is to secure accommodations near the conference hotels to be able to use the conference provided shuttle system.

HfS’ Research Fellow for HR technology and operations, Pete Ackerson will be representing us at the show and is happy to meet and greet HfS followers – email him here to set up a time to meet with him.

We look forward to seeing you at the tip-top HR Technology conference in the world!

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    See if you can get in front of Naomi Bloom, Thomas Otter, Pete Ackerson and Lisa Rowan.

    I also heard a rumor that sending Mr Kutik a vintage single malt can have positive outcomes 🙂


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