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After 24 years, it’s adios ACS (er… except in Asia/Pac)


Two years into its $6.4 billion acquisition, Xerox has finally decided to phase out this famous old ACS brand


Make sure your business outcomes have well-defined metrics


The ‘trickle down’ effect


Are you ready for Generation 6 BPO?


If you enjoyed our recent interview with Mike Salvino, you better get that Twitter following cranked up asap

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What the passing of SOPA could mean for your business


Friday’s excellent web-discussion involving HfS Research’s Jim Slaby.

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SOPA-thetic: Using an elephant gun to hunt for butterflies


If you were surprised to find Wikipedia offline yesterday, you weren’t alone: many Internet users were unaware of the widespread one-day online protest against SOPA and PIPA, two bills before the US Congress designed to fight online media piracy.


Sal’s six stages of sourcing: BPO’s Generations

Mike Salvino is Group Chief Executive, Business Process Outsourcing, for Accenture

The BPO industry has been going though an incredible evolution since the first major deals was cast, barely more than a decade ago, that it’s high time we took stock and take a good look at the phases – or generations – through which our industry has progressed. And there are few people who have lived and breathed these generational shifts more closely that Accenture’s BPO leader, Mike Salvino.


Time to fine-tune your multi-vendor strategy


Time to fine-tune your multi-vendor strategy…

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The Sourcing Raj Part II: “You don’t have to be Indian to be a global outsourcing provider!”

Would you kindly stay on the line to complete a brief customer satisfaction survey?

We complete our investigation into the dominance of India in the world of outsourcing, and whether or not the game’s up for non-Indian providers to come back into the picture


Whoever said outsourcing was becoming a commodity?


Whoever said outsourcing was becoming a commodity?

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Smackdown: Where is BPO going?

Like a typical extended family at Thanksgiving, the buy family and the sell families cussed and discussed about the trends and challenges buffeting BPO. They passed the peas and offered some pretty unbridled opinion and insight.  Click to download the highlights

One of the highlights of 2011 was that great web-debate on the Future of BPO where 1,100 people across the globe dialed in to hear from our buy and sell families. Here were the highlights…

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