What the passing of SOPA could mean for your business


Click here to listen to Friday’s excellent web-discussion involving HfS Research’s own (and definitely not SOPA-rific) Jim Slaby and Terametric’s tera-fic Chris Selland.

And for those of you who can’t be bothered, here were the main points of note:

* SOPA/PIPA have worthy anti-piracy goals, but are highly problematic in technological, political, legal, and commercial terms. They would shift considerable cost and liability for policing copyright-infringing websites and links onto businesses that aren’t engaged in piracy.

* SOPA/PIPA reflect the media & entertainment industry’s latest effort to assert control over the Internet as a content distribution channel. This is fundamentally at odds with how consumers and businesses now use it, and would crimp many valuable, legitimate commercial uses of the Internet, not just piracy.

* The many objections to SOPA/PIPA demand a smarter, more technologically-savvy, less one-sided approach to fighting piracy than this onerous legislative one. Better enforcement of existing copyright laws and pursuit of new entertainment-industry revenue models were among the panel’s suggestions.

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