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The undisputed facts about outsourcing, Part 1: Buyers are saving money, but aren’t seeing a whole lot more

Whatever the motives buyers have when they outsource, the first critical metric they must reach is to save the money they were promised at the onset of the engagement. And we have spectacularly good news for the entire outsourcing industry – the cost savings targets are being met – and being met well, with over 95% of current buyers viewing the engagements as effective for reducing their operating costs. However, that’s pretty much where the good news tapers off, as the rest of the results are pretty modest


It’s hard to be CSC

It’s hard to be CSC. A perennial subject of acquisition chatter, it has built in poison pills in the form of gnarly government contracts with lots of limitations on who can own them and what can be done with them. This represents a disproportionate part of their revenue when compared to their competitors.


CMOs need support and guidance from their CIOs… like never before

IBM’s Institute for Business Value (IBM Global Services’ executive research group) announced findings from its huge CIO survey undertaken every 2 years. It’s a massive piece of work involving 3000 one hour face-to-face interviews with CIOs from around the world—this year it has some great news for CMOs.

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Mercercare: the answer to Obamacare?

Mercer generates $3.5 billion in revenue from it HR consulting, outsourcing, and investment services businesses. It operates in over 40 countries and has more than 20,000 employees.

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Sourcing to Latin America: Everything you ever needed to know in 60 minutes

Join us for a Webinar on June 2 at 11:00 am ET If you follow us closely, you’ve probably already read our research study on the Latin American global sourcing industry, The Latin America Sourcing Landscape in 2011: How Latin America Powers Global Services Delivery. After that taste of the study, we’re sure you’ll want more. […]


Trapped by Procurement BPO? How to pull your organization out of the mire

The report explores challenges and pitfalls for Procurement BPO — from initial design to sourcing, transition and steady-state operations.

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Genpact looks for added bite with Tiger

After 14 years, the effervescent Pramod Bhasin, now in his 60th year, is handing the reins to “Tiger” Tyagarajan, the company’s current COO, and long-serving member of the leadership team


Cognizant: The Future of Work or the Present Forever?

Cognizant is at present the darling of the IT offshore services and outsourcing industry for its consistent and impressive growth and positive levels of customer satisfaction, so we thought we’d share some impressions with our readers.


Beyond Payroll? Strodders puts ADP under the glass

Fresh off of its solid third quarter earnings release, ADP hosted its annual Analyst Day meeting on May 4 in New York City. Here’s the lowdown from HfS Research Fellow, Keith Strodtman


What’s your state of outsourcing in 2011? Your views are critical…

Whether you buy, sell, advise or analyze outsourcing services, YOUR opinion is critical for our new study we’re conducting with our academic friends who run the Outsourcing Unit at the London School of Economics.

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Utilities: Next Practices for a Stealth Outsourcing Giant

Shhh… Don’t tell anyone, but while most of us weren’t looking, the utilities industry quietly racked up $25 billion in annual spend on outsourcing—that’s in the US alone! How did this happen? How did this get past the regulators and the unions? Who knew that outsourcing would not only grow, but stick, in this most conservative of industries?

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HfS Podcast: The Governator holds court

We couldn’t wait to sit down with Tony for a podcast recording to hear what’s in store for you in the coming months

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EXL eyes the enterprise BPO market with acquisition of OPI and the world’s second-most intelligent people

EXL and OPI, two of the smaller Finance and Accounting BPO (F&A BPO) providers, and both recently touted as acquisition candidates in HfS Research’s 2011 F&A BPO market landscape, have tied the knot in a surprising merger, in this rapidly-consolidating and transmutating BPO market


Special Webinar: Meet HfS Research Up Close and Personal this Thursday

IG President and CEO Dawn Evans will join HfS Founder and CEO Phil Fersht, along with HfS COO Esteban Herrera, new HfS Research Governator VP Tony Filippone, and HfS VP of Marketing Mark Reed-Edwards for an hour-long look at HfS. You’ll find out more about the exciting new partnership between HfS and SIG. we’ll discuss the HfS research agenda, what’s in store for 2011, and how you can get involved, access the research and collaborate with HfS analysts and other SIG members about next practices for sourcing and business

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