WTF? Does your organization have the Workforce Trust Factor?


Christa Degnan Manning is Research Vice President, HfS (Click for bio)

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in recent years – and about a thousand blog posts – it’s that most organizations are not looking to increase their permanent workforces.  

Most organizations, today, have armies of extended staff working for outsourcing providers, staffing agencies, or are independent contractors. The role of the maturing governance organization needs to oversee the delivery of business outcomes regardless of how/where/why workers are situated, managed and paid. If it were only as simple as having nice powwows and boxed lunches with your providers’ account management team…

To this end, we’ve hired workforce optimization expert Christa Degnan Manning to drive our focus on workforce optimization and the extended enterprise, who debuts her return the the analyst fold, after five years with American Express, with a unique view as to whether we can genuinely trust our workforces in today’s extended enterprise environment:

 WTF? Does your firm have the Workforce Trust Factor?

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is the largest employer in the world with 3.2 million workers, according to a 2012 report by the BBC. It is unclear whether or not that number includes the 420,000 “contractors” Reuters reported have top-secret security clearance such as Edward Snowden, the high-school drop-out, $122,000 USD annual salary computer systems administrator for the National Security Agency, hired by government services provider Booz Allen Hamilton.

Regardless, the news that Mr. Snowden allegedly stole and shared confidential government information with rival superpower nations should have every single senior executive and corporate board member asking himself or herself: do we know who works for us, where, and why? But more importantly: can we trust them?

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