What it takes to be part of our Top 50 BPO list? or our Top 25 IT Services list?


Guts, determination and spirit – a touch of daring do? No people. It takes revenues. Cold hard cash. No more, no less. This is one of those times when it is all about the money.

That said, being on the list or not, shouldn’t make a service provider look good or bad – hopefully market forces mean that better/cheaper providers rise through the ranks, but it isn’t necessarily so.

So I’ve penned a short FAQ:

Can we make a mistake?

We are human and from time to time this happens – just send me an email and with your thoughts and we’ll correct. By all means call me names on twitter – but I may shout back…

We can miss companies from time to time and define where revenues go incorrectly. And, occasionally, spell your name incorrectly 😉 Also we may define things differently from you – we are trying to compare like with like as closely as possible. Remember this is an estimate – so if you have further guidance, I’d be happy to have a conversation to let you know how we came up with any of the numbers.

I should be on the list / What do you have to do to get on the list?

Sending us evidence (a financial report or two, would help) that shows latest annual revenues. We use calendar years for our lists usually, so something that shows the relevant quarters would work. But happy to have a discussion with any private firms – just so we can properly establish position. I am not a miracle worker so private companies that don’t publish results and don’t provide guidance may not make the list.

How much do I need to bribe you to change my position?

It pains me to say it but no – we just can’t. The pesky tax man (and our boring accountant) frown on it 😉

That said it is also free to be on the list – you just need to demonstrate that you have the revenues to make it. But I will check against public sources and validate.

I really want to be part of this but I just don’t have the revenues yet – is there anything I can do?

I am writing some short profiles on up and coming providers – let me know what your story is and we may feature you. Although we are mainly interested in IT services and BPO – so although I personally am fascinated by cool software. A software company’s story may get bumped…

Also we may start breaking out new lists – HRO providers, Customer Care, etc… any suggestions are always welcome.

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