Things that irk... the 2013 edition

August 22, 2013 | Phil Fersht

Are you irked?

For those of you who think they've escaped being outed as a public irritant, it's time we put you back in your place... Here are the latest irritations plaguing our world today:

  • People who buy iPads and never use them.
  • People who not only bought an iPad, but ensured they bought the 64 gigabyte, retina display model for about $850... just to check their gmail occasionally and read people magazine.
  • People who spend inordinate amounts of time scheduling a 30 minute conference call... then reschedule at the last minute.
  • People who spend inordinate amounts of time scheduling a 30 minute conference call... then don't show up for it.
  • Germany shutting down for the entire month of August.
  • People who insist on using their webcam on skype... at 8.00 AM.
  • People who send out emails when they are clearly three sheets to the wind.
  • People who use Foursquare to announce they just checked in at JFK... on Facebook...
  • People who constantly complain they are always just soooo busy.
  • People who get paid wads of money and seemingly don't do anything.
  • American news channels.
  • People who get paid scandalously low wages and seemingly do everything.
  • France shutting down for the entire month of August.
  • People who get paid well, but constantly complain they are underpaid.
  • People who are really well organized and get boatloads of work done between 9 and 5, and never work evenings or weekends...
  • People who are just really, really lazy and complain how tough they have it.
  • People who just lie, lie, lie and lie until they believe it themselves (ugh!).
  • People who just talk, talk, talk, talk.... and never listen.
  • British public holidays.
  • People who clearly spend 95% of their productive time stalking people on Facebook.

There you have it - now go and irk someone :)

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  1. Jackie Smith
    Posted Aug 22, 2013 04:17 AM | Permalink Reply

    This is brilliant! Thanks for making my day :)

  2. Gavin
    Posted Aug 22, 2013 04:24 AM | Permalink Reply


    So everyone is essentially irksome?


  3. Esteban Kolsky
    Posted Aug 22, 2013 04:40 AM | Permalink Reply

    People who make lists of top 10/100/1000 other people to listen to in the echo chamber.

    South america shutting down in February

    People who take Twitter too seriously.

    I could go on....

  4. Louis Columbus
    Posted Aug 22, 2013 05:46 AM | Permalink Reply

    People (relatives) who are compelled to post daily selfies of themselves on Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else. A selfie a day keeps relatives away :-) For kids of parents doing this - quick! - get in the background and photo bomb these pics and at least make them entertaining. When caught tell them you have Uncle Lou's permission.

    Tweeting pictures of every.single.meal while traveling.

    People who comment on blogs like they are trying to win a Pulitzer. Seriously people, lighten up!

    People who forget that the world could always use more kindness and that no one cares about how much you know until they literally know - and feel - how much you care.

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