The Horses spawns a partner: Think Global


AMR-ResearchAmigos – I'm excited to announce the launch of a sister-blog to Horses for Sources : here ariseth "Think Global", with focus on global delivery strategy, BPO, supply chain and IT services trends.  My firm, AMR Research (God bless 'em) has admirably tolerated the Horses for a long time now, until finally asking if I'll consider extending my verbosity to our research content, to which many of you do not gain access.  I've kicked this off with complimentary access to a new research article entitled "Beware of Myopic Cost Cutting: Use Outsourcing To Be More Competitive in This Economy".

I've always used the Horses platform as an outlet to knock around views, cultivate ideas and take the industry temperature.  So many of you have been part of that.  And, while we might not always have been 100% accurate, we've collectively generated so many gems of insight that I frequently read our commentary to add some color to what I am thinking – and I know many of you do the same. 

The power of the blogsphere is truly extending to the analyst world.  And while some of the other analyst firms have pushed their blog strategies for a while now, I am (for once) going to brag that none of them have come close to cracking the blogging code.  Over here we have, and it's time to take it mainstream.

Horses will not be going away, but will run in tandem with Think Global.  I hope you take a little time to pay a visit.

While you're there, please also check out the blogs from a couple of AMR's industry legends, Bruce Richardson and Kevin O'Marah.  I'll see you over there…


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