Taking control of your vendor relationship


Thanks Dana Stiffler, AMR’s application services guru, for contributing this

Posted in : Absolutely Meaningless Comedy, Sourcing Best Practises



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  1. Now, that’s damn funny. I need to insert a “cat with bat” dispute resolution clause into my next contract.

  2. Phil

    Interesting that you choose to depict this as a human-cat relationship as against a human-dog relationship or for that matter a human-dolphin relationship.

    Doesn’t that itself set the equation for the rest of the dealings?


  3. Shyam,

    Cats are crafty…they feign love, command a healthy relationship, and get what what want in a subtle, but effective manner 🙂

  4. That was a really funny depiction of taking control. As Phil aptly said, Cats are smart and know how to get things done.


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