So where next for the Galloping Hooves?


Road-to-nowhere_2.0 "You are going to keep doing that blog aren't you?" seems to have been the most frequently-asked question I've had since I changed my day-job.

And a few people have asked whether I can still credibly run this blog, now I work for one of the firms actually tasked with delivering the services we have been talking about for the best part of three years.  Heaven forbid. 

As we have discussed at length, blogs and other social media have been a major game-changer with how we engage with issues, market dynamics – and each other. 

We live in a different world today, where the rules are changing and we are constantly seeking out new and innovative ways to reach our industry.  To sum up the new constant in a nutshell, credibility is in the eye of the beholder

So here are the reasons for keeping these hooves galloping:

1) Fresh thinking.  We are going to be having a more expansive array of thought-leaders contributing.  We will be engaging with leading analysts, advisors, practitioners, bloggers and other influencers from across the IT services and BPO spectrum;

2) Fresh research.  With 65,000 industry stakeholders on this RSS feed and 7,500 in our LinkedIn Group, are there any better platforms for guaging the industry temperature?  We'll be updating our State of the Industry survey along with our media partners in the coming weeks - and welcome your participation;

3) Fresh banter.  Everyone here is involved in either buying, delivering, advising, negotiating, analyzing, commentating, technology-enabling, recruiting, marketing or blogging global IT and business process sourcing services.  If you're not, I suggest you see your shrink – and soon.  This is an industry resource to share our views, insights and experiences… with a grin 😉

Thanks again for all the sentiments many of you sent in, or commented on the blog.  Please keep them coming – your contributions are always welcome,


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  1. Hi Phil,

    I’ve found your blog such a useful site for learning from the experiences of others, hearing expert views(that last interview with Andy was extremely useful for me) and also having a laugh. If you can use the site to do more research on what everyone’s doing, that would be especially useful for me in my job,


  2. Am very pleased this site will continue. Not many places where you can get real opinions and views on outsourcing,


  3. @Naomi: The industry waits with baited breath for its launch. We will be sure to introduce it here when it’s ready,


  4. @Amanda @Anil: Thanks for the feedback. I also learn a lot facilitating the discussion here (otherwise I wouldn’t do this). Am especially excited to use the powerful network we have to study the industry better and have that quick temperature-check on everything going on… who can wait months for research these days, when you can have it in hours?


  5. Phil,

    As an industry, we need to pool our thoughts and opinions to improve delivering these services, or many initatives will fail.

    The technology business has thrived on shared development initiatives, shared learnings and using internet based communications to share knowledge across all industry stakeholders. Global sourcing needs to follow-suit,


  6. Phil,

    You’ve consistently provided a balanced and honest view of the outsourcing industry for a long time now. I don’t think anyone who knows you expects anything different – expect more insight from your new experiences 🙂


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