Preparing the new organization for life after outsourcing


I wanted to share an article from last year that discusses how enterprises today can better prepare their key staff for life after outsourcing: 

The outsourcing debate over recent years has been dominated by the operational ability of companies to transition processes to a third-party supplier to manage. Too many companies have presumed their business will carry on as it was pre-outsourcing, but with third-party staff managing some of the business functions. However, in the majority of outsourcing efforts there is a degree of employee transition, and when this happens there are leading practices for both transitioning and restructuring the retained organization.

Experience demonstrates that those companies that proactively prepare their management effectively to:

(1) Modify their roles, responsibilities, and management styles,

(2) View outsourcing as a strategic tool,

(3) Learn new skills, and

(4) Change their daily routine

…are those that are able to achieve value from an outsourced environment.

The full article is featured in Crossing media’s HROToday magazine, and can be accessed here


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  1. What an appropriate topic! The buy-side organizational structure surrounding the centralized or decentralized outsourcing programs offers lots to talk about. There are some interesting models being used today, but which would companies choose if they had the option?

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