Don’t Look Now but Payroll Services Providers are Embracing Digital — and their Sexiness



A product strategy executive at ADP recently told me ”employees generally spend more time picking out a color TV than they do selecting their Benefit plans.” At that moment I knew the conversation would be different than any of my previous chats about payroll services. After all, I’ve never known an organization that cited a well-run Payroll operation as a major source of competitive advantage. In contrast, achieving only modest (e.g. 4%) upticks in employee productivity, perhaps from focusing more on improving employee engagement, can be a pretty big deal. The math: A 2,000-employee company that goes from $150,000 revenue per employee to $156,000 (or a 4% improvement) generates $12 million in new value ($6,000 x 2,000 employees).

Payroll Services in the digital age is where “intelligent automation” and the constancy of innovation empowers and enables all participants and customers – ergo, makes them more engaged and productive. And for newer readers of HfS fare, we basically define intelligent automation as moving from legacy technologies to a more on-demand environment that enables (as warranted) plug and play solutions/services, cognitive/AI elements, impactful analytics, highly engaging user experiences, mobile taps over mouse clicks, etc., often based on design thinking and always involving genuine customer advocacy.

To cut to the chase, my new Blueprint Report “Payroll-as-a-Service: 2017”, being published this July, will delve deeply into how Payroll Services are being transformed based on the best that intelligent automation has to offer. The Report will examine where this market is today and where it’s going, include actionable guidance for services buyers and providers, showcase innovations that are driving real business value, incorporate customer perspectives from around the globe, and of course, utilize our “As-a-Service Winners’ Circle” evaluation framework to separate market leaders from high performers and high potentials – replete with service provider analyses.

Readers wanting to see who offers great pricing for tax filing and reporting services should look elsewhere, but for those interested in digital capabilities in the form of impressive chatbots (for maximum responsiveness), benefit plan cost/benefit optimization and financial wellness support at the individual level, other types of “personalized value adds,” predictive and prescriptive guidance for managers, and other capabilities which take routine tasks out of the daily life of Payroll staff and its internal customers, we will have you covered.

Bottom Line: Payroll Services providers are jumping on the digital bandwagon with gusto, and the results belie that long-time characterization of Payroll not being sexy.

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