HR outsourcing in this recession… why this makes sense for many global firms


While many firms are hunkering down tryng to ride out this turbulent year, we're also seeing an increasing number of multi-national companies use this time to develop business support infrastructures that can scale quickly with the needs of the business. It's not all about cost-reduction – it's about being nimble, and having a firmer handle on accessing critical data on your staff at a global level.   You can view the full post over at Think Global.

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  1. Very impressive and sensible post by phil and very true as it does make sense for many IT companies to outsourced there work in this recession. HR Outsourcing is a trend that is going to be pretty helpful in these coming years.When it comes to lowering costs and running more efficiently your business,outsourcing is the only solution in these economic times. I also have an IT outsourcing company and HR outsourcing is one of the services we provide its really helpful in targeting the Mid-Market as these are the one which have been affected a lot and many small scale industries have to shut of due to this crisis and many are getting established and cutting there cost with the help of outsourcing. So it does make sense

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