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Ignore this at your peril… but we really are at the early stages of a “Digital Revolution”, which will ultimately have an impact as seismic as the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century, which left us with entire workforces untrained and unskilled for what was needed next. The same is happening today – and we need to get ahead of this by being unafraid to reorient our capabilities and career trajectories.

The last 30-40 years has merely been pre-amble as enterprises  leveraged globalization and technology to lower costs, automate and standardize processes (ERP, apps, offshore-nearshore outsourcing) and consumers to improve their lives (PCs, mobile, social).  However, these are only the baby steps, where we experimented on what we ultimately needed from technology.  Today’s emerging generation has digital at the core of both their home and work lives, while the more mature generations are trying to retrofit digital into our (becoming) obsolete business processes and social lives.   The big shifts are starting to emerge now and this is having a critical impact on our careers – and many of you may not even realize it yet.  So… don’t become confined to the scrap heap of legacy workers whose skills are simply no longer relevant for the modern workforce.

Check out the Horses Job Board!

Check out the Horses Job Board!

The perennial problem with our industry is the lack of career paths – and a lack of willingness for employers to go “outside of the box” to find that next set of skills that can take them into the Digital age.

I can’t count the number of times someone has stopped me at an event, called me, or dropped me an email to ask one question: “I’ve got a job opening. Do you know anyone who’d be a good fit?”.  Or “I need to go work somewhere that isn’t dominated by passionless managers, politics and turgid review processes.”

The fact is, we know lots of people – in fact, well over over a hundred thousand subscribe to our research and blogs and we estimate we’ll surpass a million clicks on this blog alone this year . And, although most of you who read this blog are all pretty much gainfully (or ungainfully) employed, you might be interested in a change of scenery. And in our dynamic business, you all probably have an opening or twenty you’re having trouble filling – or simply want to try an avenue beyond LinkedIn and the next cardboard conference of perennial job seekers… who just aren’t very good.

So, it hit me: Let’s start a community service job board where the real talent can discretely shop around to escape their legacy purgatory…

And what we’re unleashing on our global HfS community is the Horses Job Board. You may have already noticed it lurking around on the right hand side of your screen.

Contact Bram Weerts to get your job ad featured here.

Contact Bram Weerts to get your job ad featured here.

You can easily place a job listing on the board by clicking on “Jobs” in the nav bar above. We have a simple form that takes a few minutes to fill out.

All the applications will come directly to you—either to a URL or an email address. No middle man. Job seekers can easily browse the listings or search by keyword or location. It’s that simple.  And interested applications don’t need to plaster their career attentions all over LinkedIn or some dodgy recruitment shop.

Best of all, the listings run for 10 days—free!

And if you have a really critical role you’d like to fill, we have a feature spot on the right side of the blog that is available. Do contact Bram Weerts to learn more about that.

Happy job hunting all =)

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