HfS ties up with Gutenberg to bring sourcing insight to a mainstream business audience


Today marks an exciting day in the development of HfS Research as a global advisory analyst organization – we have selected sourcing and software PR and communications specialist Gutenberg to orchestrate our global research communications to the Americas, European and Indian markets.  

Why this is meaningful

Gutenberg's CEO, Harjiv Singh… beaming after the HfS tie-up

Communicating what global sourcing is all about to real business people is broken. We believe that the biggest problem with the sourcing industry today, is a broad failure to communicate the challenges and opportunities posed by global sourcing to mainstream business people. Accountants, technologists, procurement specialists, operations experts and so forth did not go to outsourcing school and likely never will.  Most of today’s providers, advisors, analysts, academics etc are so wrapped up in their own vernacular that they end up marketing and talking to each other as opposed to the people who really matter:  the buyers.  Our goal at HfS has consistently been to cut through the jargon and explain to business and IT professionals what global sourcing is all about.  To do that, we need to take our insight and get it to the broadsheets, the politicians, the lobbyists, the investors, the big business media.

This partnership will tackle the communication challenges of sourcing in a coordinated global fashion. Gutenberg is entrenched in the sourcing industry and understands the core industry communication challenges.  In addition, they have prominent teams in India, in addition to the US and Europe.  Much of the heartbeat of the sourcing industry is emanating from India, with a feverish media industry – and their issue has often been to get the issues discussed globally. We believe our combined global teams can work together to change this dynamic. With the growing HfS presence in India and Europe, in addition to the US, we believe this is an ideal partnership to bring together the global story.

We have also invited Harjiv Singh (CEO, Gutenberg) to contribute to our blog to drive some lively discussion on the core communications issues plaguing our sourcing industry today. He can get away with saying anything with that smile 🙂

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