HfS officially exits the sourcing advisor business (even though we were never in it in the first place)

No, I am not an advisor...

No, I am not an advisor…

After our dramatic fake announcement that we had entered the sourcing advisory business on 1st April, our phones have been ringing off the hook from service providers desperate to get included in our deal pipeline (no joke).

While, in hindsight, HfS& would likely have been a roaring success disrupting the legacy sourcing advisory business, we fundamentally have no desire to be an advisor shop. Sorry. Back to the research grindstone…

And for all of you who sent congratulatory notes, please do read beyond the first paragraph next time we announce something. Especially on April 1st =)

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  1. Always good to reinforce the gullibility of some people, especially high paid ones, have to believe what they read on the Web.

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