How to have awkward conversations at work… with Gallo’s humor


The biggest issue I see within enterprises today is how smart executives can find common ground with their bosses to make great decisions.

I really enjoyed this simple, but magnificent advice from HBR’s Amy Gallo where she describes some simple steps on how best to achieve the right results at work without creating all sorts of bad energy:

There are some pearls of Gallo wisdom I took down:

Do a risk assessment – weigh the consequences of disagreeing

Chances are you won’t get fired or make an enemy for speaking your mind

What do you stand to lose… what could happen later if you don’t raise this issue now?

When and where you meet matters to have the conversation

Time can really help, perhaps you can find colleagues on the same page as you and their support and ideas may bolster your case

A private meeting may be a lot less threatening

Make it a chess game, not a boxing match

What to say and how to say it

Maintain a strategic focus… keep everyone’s integrity intact

Ask permission to disagree… allows your superior to opt in without feeling threatened

Explain, “I’d like to lay out my reasoning. Would that be OK?”

Connect your idea to a shared goal…. something you both care about such as company morale, quarterly earnings, etc

How to present your argument

Project confidence and neutrality…. anxious body language can harm your message

Breathe deeply

Stay humble and curious enough to hear critiques

Share only facts, not judgments

Always add, “I know you make the final call here”

The Bottom-line:  Amy will be speaking at the HFS Summit next week!

And, of course, how could we resist not enticing Amy to come and keynote at the HFS summit next week with the topic… “Is it Me? Or Is it Them? How to Collaborate with Difficult People”.  We’ll also be sharing a few copies of her book,  “Getting Along: How to Work with Anyone (Even Difficult People)”.

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