Congratulations Esteban!


Esteban Herrera is appointed Chief Operating Officer, HfS Research

Dear Folks,

As the year draws to a close, I can barely get my head around what we’ve achieved at HfS in 2010:
  • We’ve built a global team – with more characters  joining next year;
  • We’ve developed a phenomenally ambitious research agenda (stay tuned for the official launch);
  • We’re about to launch a super-sexy new research website in the New Year;
  • We were named “Analyst of the Year” by our industry peers at the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations;
  • We’ve now reached 40,000 subscribers, 40% of whom are sourcing practitioners.  We’ve never even thought about buying a list – everyone just found us!
  • We’ve surveyed the views and buying intentions of more than 8,000 enterprises;
  • We’ve added 20+ research clients across buyers, advisors and providers of sourcing;
  • We’ve launched an elite group of sourcing buyers, dubbed the HfS 25, which we’re already having to look at re-branding the HfS 50, due to the enthusiastic interest from so many of you.

And one person who’s really stood out, as we’ve romped through all these milestones, is the most poker-faced advisor-turned-analyst of them all:  Esteban Herrera.

Despite my inability to spell his name, plus the fact that he has to put up with me (daily), and his giving up a big-bucks job to help steer this thing, he actually seems to like it here (or that’s what he tells me…).

We are very pleased to announce the promotion of Esteban to the role of Chief Operating Officer for HfS Research.  His vast experience advising sourcing customers, combined with his energy, enthusiasm, sense of humor and entrepreneurship will make him a popular pundit and analyst for HfS readers, as we venture towards a very exciting 2011 for our growing organization.

Esteban Herrera (pictured) is Chief Operating Officer for HfS Research.  You can access his bio here and reach him at esteban dot herrera at   He can also be found on twitter:  @eherrerahfs

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  2. Thank you Phil, and thank you all for the kind words! I am proud to be a part of this company and a part of this community.

  3. Congratulations, Esteban!
    Well deserved
    And i wish you a great new year and more success to you

    Best regards

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