Congratulations and welcome to Christa, Ned, Tom and Jamie!


Amigos – it gives me great pleasure to announce some imminent new analyst arrivals at HfS, in addition to announcing the promotion of a couple of guys who’ve been instrumental in the development of this business, which has literately sprung from nowhere in three years to the monstrosity it has become today…

Christa Degnan Manning joins HfS Research as Vice President to lead the firm’s Human Capital Management Strategies research practice addressing both technology and services dynamics. Christa joins from American Express where she was a leader with the firm’s managed business travel services. Prior to AMEX, she led the Human Capital Management Practice at AMR Research (Gartner), and the Procurement and Category Management Practice at Aberdeen Group.  She was one of the few analysts at AMR who never took any crap from me… she is feisty, smart and fearless.

Ned May joins HfS Research as Senior Vice President to spearhead the firm’s research coverage of Technology Enabled Business Services, where he will research the impact of mobility, big data and cloud technologies on business and IT services. Ned previously led worldwide IT services research for analyst IDC and most recently worked in the new media industry covering the impact of new technologies on publishing and information.  His official name is “Edward” and is known as the “Frat Boy” by his former UK IDC colleagues.   He is also a great writer, thinker and all round guy.

Tom Ivory is promoted to Chief Operating Officer of HfS Research, where he will oversee the company’s commercial operations, events and marketing functions, in addition to contributing to the overall research strategy. Tom has overseen 300% growth in HfS revenue performance in his two-and-a-half year tenure. He previously worked in senior commercial roles at OpenText (Metastorm) software and the Corporate Executive Board.  Tom has thrown himself hook, line and sinker into HfS and been a real part of our growth story.  Just don’t be fooled by the angelic features…

Jamie Snowdon is promoted to Executive Vice President, Research Operations, where he will manage the core HfS research analyst team, oversee the HfS Blueprint supplier evaluation methodology, price benchmarking service, market sizing and forecasting, and research processes. Jamie has successfully overseen the firm’s establishment of its Market Index forecasting during his 18-month tenure, in addition to developing the firm’s PriceIndicator benchmarking service that focuses on IT services and BPO pricing. He previously worked in research leadership roles at NelsonHall, IDC and Input.  Jamie is knows in business as the “Ginger Ninja”… the quiet research assassin who can produce research from practically anything.  He has also promised he will finally get a mugshot done which involves a collar and tie… however I’ll believe it when I see it.

Being able to attract and develop this level of talent is critical to supporting our growth plans. The research industry has been both disrupted and transformed by the whirlwind availability of information and data in recent years, and maintaining a distinct voice above the noise has never been so critical.  Research must be more about talent with a unique vision than dull reports and mass-produced trends, if the analyst industry is to thrive and prosper in today’s environment.

Finally, we wouldn’t be anywhere near close to where we are today without the support from YOU. So thanks 🙂

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  1. Phil and team –

    So encouraging to see your continued success. Welcome aboard Christa and Ned!

    James Levy

  2. So nice to see the company growing and investments happening in the right places. congratulations and best of luck

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