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Solitaire Clearly you have far too much time on your hands if you’re spending time here, so here are more places to go to fill those vacant hours.  This is especially for all you sourcing consultants who went out of your way to vote for yourselves as the "top place to go to get balanced advice on outsourcing" – c’mon chaps get real -:)

IBM vs. Tata: Who’s More American? – Businessweek’s Steve Hamm raises some incisive points, namely, TCS, India’s largest tech-services company, collected 51% of its revenues in North America last quarter, while 65% of IBM’s were overseas.   Builds upon some of the issues we discussed here last year;

Are You in Personal Branding Prison? Copyblogger raises the burning issue of "over-branding" yourself on the web.  Too much personal branding can be damaging to a professional. If you brand yourself too strongly, you can’t take a break, because there’s no one else to fill your shoes. Without you, your business has no value….Start building value into your business so that potential customers think of your business name first and your name second. Get people interested in working with your business, not you;

Think Before You Do That Layoff – more common-sense from my enigmatic friend Brian Sommer;

How the Economy is Affecting Outsourcing –  Podcast with yours’ truly and AMR Research CEO Tony Friscia;

More EDS-HP banter from Mark Stelzner and Vinnie Mirchandani;

My friend and industry luminary on analyst relations best practices,  Carter Lusher, discussing the Definition of an Analyst;

Procurement and Belgian ale connoisseur Jason Busch questioning whether China can be innovative;

And finally, our good friend and Indian outsourcing death-proclaimer, Sramana Mitra,  (partially)redeems herself with an excellent discussion on vertical integration at Samsung and Apple.

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